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Street food can give you a deeper appreciation of the local foods and new experience with new taste. One of the best ways to get a taste of real country’s cultural food is through exploring its food sold on street. In Myanmar the street foods are a great way to feel the tasty Myanmar foods. Not only the visitors but also the local people love street foods and street foods can easily to get every streets in Yangon. Breakfast, a quick snack and desserts are easily can get from local street food sellers who scattered across in Yangon.Mohinga

A signature Myanmar breakfast food of Mohingha can easily found all over the regions in Myanmar. It is the rice noodle with fish soup which can serve most of the tea shops. Khin Htwe Yee Mohingha is one of the popular and tasty Mohingha shops in Yangon which has several brands in Yangon.

When you arrived at Merchant Road, the corner of Mahar Bandula Park Street, you start to get the tasty smell that is attracting your stomach to be hungry. Where the delicious taste come from? It is from the little shop which sell Samosas Salad with short plastic seats where you can enjoy the afternoon snack. Fried Samosas (a deep fried triangular dough stuffed with potato, onion and Indian species.) cut into strips mixed with fried chickpeas, thinly slice cabbage, tomato, shallot topped with bean savory broth that complete the dish. If you love like spicy flavor, you Samosa saladcan ask for chili flakes.After having the Samosa salad, just work around 3 minute, you can see the street version of Dosa formally called Gangster sandwich is a thin crispy wrapped around the cabbage, chickpea, sauces and spices is selling by a pretty woman who is always wear Thanakha on her face. You will be regret if you were not taste it.
Sule pagoda which is one of the landmark pagoda of Myanmar. A short work from there to 33 rd. street, there is the best tasty traditional pancake which can say the best pancake in Yangon because of crispy on the side and fluffy in the middle which is topped up with egg & nuts.

sugar cane juiceJuices are freshing, filling and cooling for a hot summer day. There are a lot of juice stall that have aluminum mirror box which is always filled with seasonal fresh food in every streets. When you hear the tinkle bell sound, it means the juice stall is nearby. They also have the best summer food of homemade yogurt. Icy yogurt with sugar, seasonal fruits such as banana and strawberries can fresh your energy. Another popular drinks of sugarcane juice, black jelly lime juice, Shwe Yin Aye (
agar jelly, and sago in coconut milk) are sweet and rehydrating juices.

Kaw PoateOne of the delicious Myanmar snack of Black Glutinous rice cake (Khaw Phot) which is grilled over charcoal can get in Bogyoke Market in Yangon. Smoky flavor with sweet taste from jiggery syrup make it awesome.

Pork sticksAlong the 19
th street of China Town, Pork stick vendors can see on the roadside. In Pork stick is a popular food in Myanmar which consist of pork meat and offal that are boiled in a soy sauce soup.

A fun dinner spot for street food lovers, the 19
th street and the new opened night food market at strand road is a lively home of barbeque restaurants. Varieties of barbeque such as baby potato, corns, meat, vegetable and grilled fish are the best foods in there. Sit in the free lively environment, eat the barbeque with nice sauce and a glass of cool beer can make you perfect moment.

BbqGlobalization has influenced street food seriously nowadays. Due to the cultural exchange, it is possible to find street foods of all types in every big city of the world and they are mouth- watering dishes you just going to taste!
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