Wicca in the Kitchen

I hope there are a lot of foodies who love not only foods but also to cook. I would like to introduce mysteries for such foodies. It’s magick or wicca in the kitchen. It’ll be useful for housewives, too. Oh, let me say that don’t think as a complicated or dark or black magick. It is white and simple one. I’ll give you some examples.

When you become ill

you would have feel good if you have a bowl of soup made by your mom. Right? And you would be fresh when you receive a food of love as a present while you feel drown. It is because of foods’ magick and cookers’ will power.

For the first example, mom love her family most, right? When her son or daughter feel ill, she is the first one who want to relieve her son/daughter. So, with that will when she cook, her power imbues with the foods.

That’s why you feel good after having a bowl of soup or porridge cooked by your mom. It’s not that strange, right?

That’s just examples. In real practice of magick, you’ll need a bit complicated steps. So, for moms, housewives and someone who have to cook, I’ll give you information by referencing the book of Wicca in The Kitchen written by Scott Cunnigham, a famous Wiccan of his time, had wrote many books on Wicca and fictions.

For most interest, it has way to have a relationship for FA, ways to have a strong relationship for couples and ways to attract money and prosperity. It is so much amazing to learn, isn’t it? If so, please click to see first Doemal and wait for a weekly article on magick of food.

Introduction to Wicca in the Kitchen

Foods are magical. You can’t deny that the power of foods influences on you. From sweet to cookies, dumplings, every food attracts people.

Foods are life. Without the power of foods, human can’t survive. Besides, foods store energies. When we eat, our body absorbs Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates and also their energies. But we don’t feel special except taste different. Foods change us in a subtle way.

Long times ago

People show their respect for their religions with different kinds of foods. In Asia – ice, Europe – fruits, Africa – Cereals, America Southwest – acorns and pines, Pacific – coconut and banana, Tropical America – vegetables. These are significant food for their respective religions. In our country Myanmar, green tea leaves, banana, coconuts are famous, right?

Ancient people offer Gods and Goddess with such foods.

Nowadays, you can say eating together mean energy sharing, binding and trust.

The magick of hunt and sacredness of gathering rituals in fields and groves are still remembered by a few isolated peoples. Most of us now, however, buy presliced bread, gather our fruits and vegetables from gleaming counters and hunt in refrigerated cases.

We’ve lost ancient magical knowledge. So the magical power of foods are now almost forgotten. Timeless energies, however, are still vibrating in foods and waiting for us to use them.

To tap the energies of foods need no such complex and long spells. A simple one can work for food magick. Even if you have small knowledge of foods, you’ll find the power of foods.

Eating is merging with the Earth. It also means life-affirming act. Ritually preparing and eating specific foods is an effective method of enhancing and improving our life.

It is also fun. Magic pretzels? Sacred chocolate? Passionate prickles? They’re all part of the magick of food and the spell to create them begin in your own kitchen.


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