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Where to Get Myanmar Traditional Deserts and Snacks

Eating Myanmar traditional foods is a must when you are a Myanmar. It is very busy to make some kinds of desert and snacks at home. Well, I will guide you where to grab them.

  1. Tint Tint

Before ‘gyar’ bus stop in Yankin and you can have many kinds of Myanmar traditional deserts and snacks.

  1. Yadanar Market

At the Yadanar Market of South Oakkalapa Township, there is a vendor selling Myanmar traditional deserts and snacks. You can even have mont-kyat-tike which is rare to see.

  1. Moe Kaung Vendor

At the top of the Moe Kaung Street near Moe Kaung bus stop , there is a vendor too.


  1. Ocean Super Center

At the deli bar in every Ocean Super Center , they have a lot of Myanmar traditional deserts and snacks. They even have some Myanmar traditional deserts and snacks which are not easy to make.




  1. Thanlyin

Don’t think this is too far. I go there by bus because of my big appetite. The toddy palm snack from there is fresh and yummy.

  1. Pada Gyi Pagoda Vendor

At the front mote of Pada Gyi pagoda in Thanlyin, you will see an old lady who is selling  Myanmar traditional deserts and snacks. And packaging is not by plastic bag. But by leaves.

I described as much as I know. Please do comments if you know others. We can go and enjoy together.

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