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What We Eat in Hpa-An Night Market

Winter is the best season for traveling in Myanmar. I visited Hpa-An, Kayin State with my business and I fortunately found the good place for yummy in there as I shared my experiences. You could go and have fun with many delicious foods there after reading my reviews of Kan Tha Yar night food market. It is situated near the downtown of Hpa-An, 10 minutes away from Express gate. It starts run about 5 p.m to midnight everyday.

Kan Tha Yar night food market is situated near the famous lake of Hpa-An named Kan Tha Yar lake. There are over 100 food shops in there.

Kan Tha Yar Dumpling

It is selling near the entrance of Kan Tha Yar night market with the mirror box. The price is 1 unit for only 500 MMK and it was made by meat, egg and sausage. One dumpling is enough for one person.

Karen Mohninga

The shop is next to the dumpling shop. It is cooked with the tradition style of Karen Ethnic. It was more blistering than the normal mohinga with many pieces of fish, onion. Then the dressings are bean sprouts and tomato which are on the table. The bowl of Karen Mohinga is only 300 kyats and if you add egg and fish cake, it costs 800 kyats only.

Karen farmer meals

In Karen Language “Khwal Huin Lah Myuh” means Karen traditional farmers meals. The shop is available any kinds of Farmers’ food and the price is only 1000MMK for each meals. Many salad are ready on the table.

Kway Teow and milkshake

Thai traditional noodle named Kway Teow is also available in the night market and also included many kinds of milkshakes. One bowl of Kway Teow is only 500 kyats and Milkshake price is also the same.

Then Tomato salad, Bean plate salad, Korea rice row and dumpling are also sold on the table with ready made package for two person.

Myanmar Traditional Foods

Myanmar traditional foods likes Lan Ta Ye snack, sticky rice roll, sticky ball snack and rice powder baked snake named moke sak ta phu are available in there and it is good news for Myanmar foods lovers.

Thai Style Barbecue

Barbecue of Thai style, Chicken, Pork and Sausage are also selling in the market. One piece of barbecue is quite big and only 500 kyats for each.

However, mini burger, seasonal fruits and traditional foods are all together situated as you should go and have the taste of them if you visited to Hpa-An once.

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