What type of foodie are you?

What type of foodie are you

Nowadays, you can see that a lot of new restaurants opening almost everywhere you go. At the same time, the foodie culture also becomes trendy with so many different kinds. The following list focuses on explaining different variations of common foodie types to help you understand what all those foodie terms really mean.

1. Diet Addict

What type of foodie are you

This type of foodie is recently on-trend among teenagers. They tend to avoid foods which contain fats and glutens and always stay healthy. They are also the gym addicts who like to work out and eat with calorie controlled diet plans to maintain their weights. Most of them are easy to find by their Facebook and Instagram accounts with the hashtags #CleanFood and #GymLife.

2. Fast Food Lover

What type of foodie are you

This type of eater cannot say no to fast food. They really enjoy the easily prepared snacks such as fried chickens, pizzas and instant noodles. If you have one of these friends, you will not have to worry about the shortage of food anymore since they usually have a lot of instant items in their kitchens.

3. Selfie Crazy

What type of foodie are you

As the name says, they like to take selfies even when they are having food. They only start to eat after they have taken their selfies which will make them enjoy their food more deliciously.

4. Food Photographer

what type of foodie are you

They enjoy taking pictures of all the food they eat every time they visit a restaurant. The new versions of mobile phones provide better quality for their camera and the quality of pictures taken is also improving a lot which can satisfy the photographers. That is why these types of foodies are more and more interested in uploading their close-up food photos with the trendy hashtag #foodporn on social media and excitedly share with their friends.

5. Gossip People

What type of foodie are you

They also love to eat a lot, but also love to talk a lot as well. When you are having a few drinks with them, they will also tell you jokes and other matters. Everybody may have that kind of friend fits in this category who will not miss a single conversation about every topic while having meal together.

6. Emotional Eater

what type of foodie are you

Most of us are matched with this group of foodie. They decide what they are eating according to their current moods and feelings. They eat sugary desserts like ice-cream to comfort themselves during their stressful moments and also to reward themselves when they are happy about some good news.

7. Multi Tasker

what type of foodie are you

They are also a group of food lovers, however they eat while they work. They like to do other stuffs such as reading, watching TV and riding vehicles while eating. It is just like having popcorns when you are watching a movie in cinema because you can have more fun in eating this way.

8. Serious Taster

What type of foodie are you

We call this particular foodie a gourmet who always seems to find their happiness in delicious meal, ingredients and every little details of it. This group is probably the real foodies who are even willing to travel or have a reservation to try whenever a new restaurant is in town.

Now, you know most of the familiar types of eater. Which type do you think you best fit into? Do you have any friend who also falls into any category? Everyone probably fits into more than one category and the type also changes over time.

So, what type of foodie are you?


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