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What Kind of Foods to Cook in Thingyan Holidays

Hello, citizens from the Golden Land. It’s the time to move on to a new year.

And the water festival is coming up to wash up the sins from old year which we left.

We, Myanmar people are not only generous but also love to spend time with family in festivals and holidays. And most of us were nervous sometimes by choosing what to make and donate in festivals together with family. By making foods, we can happily pass the time of holidays happily together with family.

And there are a lot of foods near us that we can make in water festival, but in this content only suitable and best ones were subscribed.

  1. Floating balls

This one is a must. We can say that this food is the trademark of Thingyan . You can have fun by putting chilies instead of jaggery instead.

  1. Kyauk Kyaw (Jello)

The popular one of the donation ceremonies. Coconut milk Kyauk Kyaw is the easiest one to make in Thingyan holidays.

  1. Tapioca I

If you are thinking of donation, you should think this one. Low cost and it won’t make you busy. Also it can make us full. It is  better when you add up potato or sweet potato in it.

  1. Mont-Lat-Saung

It is a little bit busy to make. It will cool down your heart and stomach under hot summer sun. Also will fulfill your sugar level in your body.

  1. Thingyan Rice

A famous one in Mawlamyine city. You have to eat wax scented rice soaked in water together with pickled mango salad or fried dried fish. It’s rare to see in Yangon though.

  1. Mont-Kyawe-Thae

This one has the color of a buffalo .Sweet, easy to make and you can donate in very simple plastic bags and donate them to public.

Now, you have a lot of foods to make at home while you are at home and not wondering alone. But don’t forget to go shopping ahead of holiday. Because the markets are going to be closed.

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