VIP Mote Pyar Talatt

Mote Pyar Ta Latt

This time, we would like to recommend a place where every Mote Pyar Talatt lover should go and try once.

Mandalay Snacks

The place is in the New Town (Myo Thit). If you come from city, come straight from 68 Street, after you pass Manaw Hayi Road, find Sein Pan Street. When you arrive at Sein Pan Street, you will see some branch roads. Among the branch roads, find Padauk Street and turn south and you will see the shop directly. The shop name is also easy to remember, it’s called VIP Mote Pyar Talatt. The shop is not like the street vendor kind of shop, you will know when you go there.

Mandalay Snacks

You can enjoy as much as you want, here comes Mote Pyar Talatt (Mote Yay Pa). You can add many ingredients include egg, quail egg and sausages as you prefer. You can also have a plain one if you want. The most famous one is VIP Mote Pyar Talatt. Its ingredients are 2 eggs, 5 quail eggs and 1 sausage. Beside them, there are also boiled pea, onion tops and bean sprouts. The price is also quite amazing, only 900 Kyats. One flat piece of VIP is big enough to make one’s belly full.

We tried all the different menus. The ones with eggs and quail eggs are savory but you can also taste of the wrapper. We enjoy chewing the crispy wrapper and eating the mixture of peas and egg yolk paste.

Mandalay Snacks

The menus and prices are as follows:

Only Egg – 350

Only Quail Egg – 350

Only Sausage – 350

Egg and Quail Egg – 550

Egg and Sausage – 500

Quail Egg and Sausage – 500

Egg, Quail Egg and Sausage – 900

Plain – 150

When you have to pay 500 Kyats for one plain snack, the price is cheaper at this place in Mandalay. So I strongly recommend this place for you…

You can find more restaurants from Mandalay in Doemal.

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