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It is the time that most Buddhists keep Sabbath because it is the time if War Twin ( the period that Buddhists keep Sabbath ) and also there are a lot of people who eats vegetarian during this period. And If I say vegetarian and you will suddenly see vegetables in your vision and most house wives became nervous while they choose to cook vegetarian dishes. And if you don’t know what to choose, I suggest you to read this content. Because dishes with less works and ingredients were subscribed in this content. Let’s see what they are.

  1. Fried sparrow’s poop salad

The Ingredients are fried sparrow poops (fried beans), cabbage, cooked oil, salt and onions. Chop the onions and cabbage and put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them well and the salt amount is up to you. And you can also squeeze some lemons into it.

  1. Vegetarian Barlachaung Fries

The main ingredients are groundnuts, jewish roots, pickled beans and dried chilies. First, fried the dried chilies with a small amount of oil and if the smell of the chilies come up, put the jewish roots and fry them till they become dried. And put groundnuts and pickled beans and if all ingredients turn into red, take them out by avoiding the inclusivity of oil. Now you can keep this fries in a glass bottle and eat it anytime you want.

  1. Sein flower salad

It is true that in the region of Nay Pyi Daw and Pyinmana, they eat this flower by making as salad and it is quite famous too. All you need to do is to boil the flowers until they became really soft and you can eat it by putting tamarind sauce and cooked red onion oil.

  1. Sunetan soup

If you go to a grocery store and ask for this. And fry two garlic and put some water into it. And then put one or two coil of dried sunetan and you can easily get a delicious bowl of sunetan soup.

  1. Corn salad with butter

Boil the yellow sweet corn and put the corns into a bowl separate from its core and put some margarine in it and some onions too.

Well you should better taste it yourself.

If you have tried these 5 vegetarian dishes, and I want you all to stay tuned to see what kind of vegetarian dishes that I am going to subscribed in next week.

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