User Initiated System, The New Feature of Doemal Rebate/Redeem

Doemal Rebate

Doemal is a restaurant finder mobile application. It has been a few months since the Rebate/Redeem Feature is been introduced by Doemal now.

Doemal Rebate/Redeem is a system for Doemal Users that can get up to 10% of the amount you paid to eat as Doemal Dinga at every Doemal partnered restaurants. It’s a good rebate system for our Doemal Users to enjoy at the partnered restaurants without having to spend your money by using Doemal Dinga you have collected so far.

Now, there is a new update feature for Doemal Rebate/Redeem Program called User Initiate System.

In previous system, you have to call out for waiter to rebate. In this updated User Initiate System, you don’t need to call the waiter anymore. You just need to follow the 3 steps below and rebate by yourself in your phone.

The steps are pretty easy and simple to follow:

Doemal Rebate

  • Step (1): Click Earn Rebate and choose the restaurant you visited.

Doemal Rebate

  • Step (2): Type the Voucher Number and Bill Amount accurately.

Doemal Rebate

  • Step (3): Take a photo of your Voucher clearly and Click Continue To Earn Rebate.

When you have finished these 3 steps, your Rebate is done.  Please notice that the date from voucher and rebate date should be the same day. It means you need to rebate within 24 hours.

It is now available in both iOS and Android. So whenever you go to eat at Doemal partnered restaurants, you can pay with Doemal Rebate and save your own Doemal Dinga.

Doemal Rebate/Redeem is easy to use and helps you save your money. To enjoy it, let’s update Doemal Application now!

Download Link->>> Doemal  

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