Useful tips of Coconut Oil

Eearly every Myanmar houses have coconut oil in their houses. It is very useful in doing a lot of things. Not only in health and skin issues but also in other stuffs too. 

  • Applying a quite amount of coconut oil before shampooing your hair can make your hair soften and fix damages.
  • Harden foot soles could be cured by applying coconut oil before going to bed at night is the best.
  • Applying for skin hydration is one of the best tips.
  • Use coconut oil to remove your make up using cotton pads.
  • Drinking coconut virgin oil before your meal can help losing weight.
  • Apply if you have stomach ache by mixing with turmeric powder which you suffer from indigestion.
  • Chapped lips which usually happens in cold weather can be cured by applying coconut oil.
  • Coconut oil which uses in cooking is really helpful for your health.
  • Applying on areas around body piercing can heal faster.

So…. my beloved audience, there are  lot of useful things if you know. I want you to read them to be remembered. Let’s meet up in next content.

Nicki Rangoon

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