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Bean food

Beans are unique and main part of the protein foods group. They are similar to meats and fish in their contribution of these nutrients. Many people consider beans are proper food as vegetarian alternatives for meat because of their high nutrient content consuming recommended for everyone, including people who also eat meat and fish regularly. There are many beans around the world and they are also available in dry, cans and frozen forms. Here are some beans for the best proper food and you will see how amazing nutrients they provide for us.


Lentils are an excellent good source of dietary fiber, protein, vitamin B1, zinc, potassium and vitamin B6. They have wonderful flavour and are able throughout the year. Lentils are easy to cook and there are varieties dishes make from lentil. In Indian, lentil curry is part of the everyday diet usually eat with rice and roti. Besides they are main ingredient  in many regional varieties of sweets and used to prepare a nutritious soup all over Europe and sometimes combined with some form of chicken or pork.


High value nutrient food of soybean is a main excellent source of fiber,  vitamins, calcium, and omega-3 fatty acids. Popular drink of soy milk is produce from soaking dried soybeans and grinding them in water. It has high nutrients of protein and there has no cholesterol which can cause the heart problems. Tofu (bean custard) is a popular food make from coagulating soy milk. There are many tofu dishes around the world and mostly can be found in Asian countries. Soybean oil is a good healthy fats and one of the most popular cooking oils . Other foods made from fermented foods are soy sauce and fermented bean paste.

Red Kidney Bean

The red color bean of red kidney bean is a popular bean in many meals around the worlds including salads, soups and stew. Red kidney beans are a true super nutritious food that can promote for health risk of heart disease, stroke and help for digestive system. Popular dish of red kidney bean in Myanmar is red kidney bean salad and curry. Other popular international red kidney bean curries are Greek kidney bean soup, kidney bean pate, kidney bean loaf and etc.


Chickpeas also offer specific health benefits containing protein, fiber, vitamin and minerals. It can eat whole and add to salads and soups. Chickpeas are  using commonly in variety of dishes not only in Myanmar but also worldwide. In Myanmar chickpea powder is used to make Myanmar tofu and as a condiment in salads. Some popular proper chickpea bean foods are Indian chickpea masala, chicken and chickpea soup, chickpea salad.

Mung Beans

Mung beans are special beans which has impressive nutritionists, holistic health coaches, and experts for health benefits. They are widely used in India to make soups, salads and curries.  Indian mung bean dal is one of the famous foods and mung bean rice is also popular too. In China, mung bean are using for desserts and may also cook until soft, blend into a liquid, to get sweet flavor. It is cooked with sugar, coconut milk and a little ginger as a dessert in Indonesia. Bean sprout from mung bean served as main dishes, soup, stew, salads and as side dishes. They are the healthiest food which provide vitamins and minerals impart generate benefits for nearly every area of the body.

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