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Unicorn Foods

Unicorn is a mythical animal typically represented as a horse with a single straight horn projecting from its forehead. Unicorn Food is not a mythical but magical in a way. Unicorn food is any food or drink or dessert which is decorated with very colorful dye and accessories to see the food charming.Unicorn food can be seen on various social media platform and it is said originally started on Instagram.

This trend is initiated by Starbucks Coffee, an American coffee company and coffeehouse chain. Starbucks came out with a limited edition Unicorn Frappuccino that was only available to the public for five days.

Then, the unicorn food trend gained global recognition. Starbucks’ description of the drink was described by the company in the following way:
“Like its mythical namesake, the Unicorn Frappuccino blended crème comes with a bit of magic, starting as a purple beverage with swirls of blue and a first taste that is sweet and fruity. But give it a stir and its color changes to pink, and the flavor evolves to tangy and tart. The more swirl, the more the beverage’s color and flavors transform.”

After this, the trend started out with toast, it has since moved on to bagels, cupcakes, lattes, spreads and cereal, etc…
Some of the eye catching unicorn foods are described here.

1) Unicorn Cake

Beautiful as rainbow and as much tasty as beautiful.

2) Unicorn Cookies

Who can ignore these sweet and adorable little unicorn cookies?

3) Unicorn Cupcakes

Don’t think twice and admit these cupcakes are more fantastic than all you ever seen before.

4) Unicorn Dumplings

These rainbow dumplings are made with natural super food powders and colored in natural way.

5) Unicorn Donuts

Awesome, cute donuts make your day special.

6) Unicorn Fairy Floss

Give some love to this charming, graceful Fairy Floss.

7) Unicorn Hot Chocolate

Treat your happy, beautiful heart with this sweetened Hot Chocolate

8) Unicorn Ice-creams

The appearance and sweet smell of them will make you fool.

9) Unicorn Macrons

Throwback to these great, fun creation of Macrons and taste it’s super delicious sensation

10) Unicorn Poops

Poops can also be cute in this way. These cute, amazing poops come from the oven.

11) Unicorn Pancakes

Say Bye bye to traditional Pancakes and guess how these pancakes can be dye to turn them into pretty, magical pancakes

12) Unicorn Pop-tarts

Lovable Pop-tarts goal. Colorful decoration is a must.

13) Unicorn Latte

Add some color to your Latte and share your lovely, romantic Latte with your Love.

14) Unicorn Toast

When you love your morning toast and colorful unicorns at the same time.

15) Unicorn Popscles

Discover the most magical Popscles around you and bring your spring perfect.

16) Unicorn Easter Egg

An artificial chocolate egg or decorated hard-boiled egg given at Easter, a festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

17) Unicorn Bread

Unicorn food everywhere. Toast, Cake, Donuts, Chocolate and now is time to dress up bread.


It is said if life gives you a lemon, make a juice mixing with sugar. If life gives you crazy unicorn foods, capture and post it on Instagram to catch up the trend.


Writer_Moe Pwint Phyu

All the photos credit go to the original site.




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