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Actually, allergies are something we should be paying attention to. Especially in the food we eat every day, our health can be affected seriously just because of the presence of an ingredient that is allergic to us. That’s why Doemal wrote about food and allergies this time.

Taking a break time from food-related content, I also would like to share some knowledge about health so take some minutes of your time and have a read. Sometimes, a small thing we care less about can cause our health a severe defect that we can’t let our guards down when it comes to allergies.

If we find out that we have allergies to this particular food while we are still young, then, of course, we will avoid it with care in our adulthood too. But in some people’s case, they suddenly become allergic to foods that they have been eating for years. Some symptoms of allergic reactions are rashes on skin, stomach pain, vomiting, dizziness, and even anaphylaxis. However, it doesn’t mean the same reaction will keep happening at every occasion.
Especially, we should take care of children rather than adults who know and realize things quickly. So, I will mention some of the most common food allergies.


Although chicken eggs are commonly eaten here, if you are allergic to chicken egg, you are also likely to be allergic to other eggs such as duck eggs and quail eggs. Actually, you are allergic to the proteins contained in eggs. It is common in children and they usually grow out of it after turning 16 years old. But you shouldn’t be so certain that you don’t have egg allergy because you are above 16 years old. If you feel stomach pain or rash over your body after eating eggs, you should go to see a doctor.

Milk and Dairy Products

Some of the children under 3 years old are allergic to milk. Some grow out of milk allergy after 3 years old but in some cases, they only grow out of it around 4 or 16 years old. It is really a troublesome allergy.


When you see the word shellfish, you will probably think of crab. Yes, crab, lobster and shrimp are the food that cause most of the allergic reactions. However, being allergic to crab and lobster doesn’t mean you also have to avoid fish. Some can eat even scallop and oyster. But it is best to follow what the doctor says. These are the foods that you may become allergic to adulthood although you have been eating them before.


Another food that adults may become allergic to is fish. You are used to eating fish before but it is also possible that you become allergic to fish like tuna, salmon as you grow old. In spite of being allergic to fish, you can eat some kinds of fish. However, it depends on the type of allergy you have.


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