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Can’t you move your legs once you spot a bubble tea shop? Although when you try out some newly opened shops, there can also be times that they don’t meet your taste. So, I will be mentioning some shops I have been liking lately. Let’s see whether we share the same taste or not.

Let’s exchange some opinions about bubble tea shops this time. Drinks only this time 😆 There are a lot of new bubble tea shops in Yangon lately. The newly opened shops offer promotions so it is worth to try the new tastes. If I really like the taste, then I go and drink it no matter how far it is. For now, I chose four, with great taste and reasonable prices, out of my favorites.


I really like this one lately. Bubbles are soft and when you chew them, they are tender and quite good. There are two sizes – small and regular but I think small size is a little bit tiny.  My favorite is Bang Bang Chocolate with Brown Sugar. The price is around 2600 kyats. It’s great with sweet chocolate flavor and delicate bubbles. There also is a branch in MICT Park but I usually buy at Junction Square branch.

Tea Black

I first tried this in Latha. It is just beside Kyay Oh Bayin. I just saw this bubble tea shop and decided to try it out for once but it turned out to be better in taste than I expected. Even normal Pearl Milk Tea is sweet with more milk flavor so as for someone like me who likes sweet, it is great of course. The price isn’t high either – in between 1200 and 2000 kyats. It also has Small and Regular sizes. The regular size is around 1500 kyats so you can even drink it daily.


In Yangon, this shop has a branch in Yankin and one in San Yeik Nyein Gamone Pwint shopping center. The Yankin branch is near Yankin Kyar bus stop. This branch is more convenient for takeaway. Its price is also around the above two – ranging from 1500 to 3000 kyats. It has Medium and Large sizes. I usually take medium since I love the medium cup design 😂. It also sells in Yangon weekend market in Pansodan.

Ca Ca

It has branches in Hledan Center, Sein Gay Har(Pyay road), Kyaik Wine Pagoda road and in Central Sweets but I usually drink at Hledan center. For those who don’t like sweet flavor should better tell them to reduce sweetness. Rather than bubble tea, I prefer yogurt and pudding milk tea there. As usual, this shop has Small and Medium sizes. I think the prices are around 2000 to 3000 kyats.

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