Tips To Win At Drinking Contests


Are you one of the lords of drinking? And also love to drink beer? Then the drinking contests will be really enjoyable for you!

Doemal Beerfest

This coming October 14th, Doemal will be holding the first ever Myanmar beer contest, Doemal Beerfest. The champion will get 1,000,000 MMK prize!

There are a lot of masters out there, so it will be really challenging to be the champion among these skilled drinkers. But do not worry! There are a lot of good tips for you to improve your chance of winning and beat down all of your contestants.

Get Enough Sleep and Eat Regularly

How to win in Beer drinking competition?

You should sleep well to fill your energy and prepare for yourself during 3 days before the competition starts. Have at least 7 hours of sleep and consume a balanced diet. Avoid hot and spicy food as much as possible.

Tilt your head a little backward while drinking

How to win in beer drinking competition?
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This angle is the best for the contestants to drink. Most of the world champions use this drinking method.

Breathe Enough Air Before You Drink

Before you take in all the beer from the jug, breathe enough oxygen. Breathing like this can increase your lungs capability and your system can hold more beer faster while drinking.

Don’t Swallow

Open your mouth wide and let all the beer fall down your throat freely. This is one of the methods of drinking the beer in a large amount and fastest way to do. This tip is from the world’s fastest beer miler, Lewis Kent.

Know Your Limit

In every beer contest, someone who can drink the most in the shortest time will win for sure. Some people can drink more than average according to their genetic predisposition toward alcohol. Some got practiced from drinking time after time. If you are going to participate in the contest, you’d better know the balance between the beer amount from the contest and your limit.

Eat Well

How to win in beer drinking competition?

Eating before the contest begins can increase your drinking ability. But do consider the amount of food you will eat. If you have been eating too much before the contest starts, you will vomit just after 3 glasses of beer. Food can help your body prevent against alcohol absorption, so you will not get drunk easily.

Drink Water
How to win in Beer drinking competition?

Drinks with alcohol dehydrate your body quickly. The more you dehydrate, the more alcohol enters into your body. If you are only allowed to drink beer during the battle, make sure to fill your stomach with water before the contest starts.

Now you have known some good tips that can increase your chances of winning. If you follow the tips properly, you will get respect from the beer buddies even if you do not win.

How to win in Beer drinking competition?

It is only two days left to celebrate the first Myanmar Beer Competition Doemal Beerfest! Get your tickets if you are going to participate in the competition. This event is not only for beer champions, those who enjoys the free flow beer and superb buffet can also come and join. There will be a lot of fun with Live Bands and Game Activities!

You can contact the following numbers to buy tickets:

09 44566 5211
09 42302 2181
09 42302 2182

We are happy to invite you to Doemal Beerfest. Let’s meet at the event!


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