If you have a plan to visit the Tazaungdaing Festival at Shan state of Taunggyi here are the things for you do and don’t. Please if you want to catch up the opening ceremony just go at 3pm from your place because of traffic.

Tight clothes and Jacket

Take long neck tight clothes more than Jacket. Coz the weather may be cold but its too crowded and you will become hot soon.

Don’t bring expensive stuff

Don’t wear expensive things like shoes for your own good. If you are going with your beloved take a small mat.

Keep your distance!

Don’t go too close to the hot air balloon but if you really want to go please check the air direction ( look at the smoke ) and you will see, so stay in the opposite direction.

Don’t bring a lot of money

Don’t take too much money, just 20 $ is enough for you.

Bring warm mask

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