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Things Need to Know about Japanese Food

Japanese foods became popular in the country within recent years. As the demands are higher, quite numbers of Japanese restaurants emerge around the country. But I found out that some people have difficulties to read the menu because the terms are in Japanese. Only people who studied Japanese and anime fans would know what are the meanings. Continue reading and I could say those difficulties will go away.

The history of sushi

Once upon a time, when all the men gone fishing to the ocean and the women try to think to make foods last longer for their husbands’ lunchboxes. That is the beginning of the Sushi. Let’s see what are the terms.


As all we know, it is a roll of rice on seaweed stuffed inside with various fish or vegetables.


A ball of rice with a kind of fish slice on it.


Slices  of gingers were soaked in sugar syrup and it goes with raw fish. I love it so much tho.


This is a green colored paste and this is not a good thing to joke about. It is not spicy but hot. The reason of eating wasabi to avoid cons from eating raw fish and meats.


It is soy sauce, a dark brown liquid made from soya beans. I think it suits with everything It is tasteful rather than salty.

All of the basic facts are complete and don’t scream “I don’t know” when you go to a Japanese restaurant. And don’t forget to share your knowledge.

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