The Weirdest Food Festivals around the World

Everybody miss their childhood sometime,

miss old memories and miss those time eating and playing all day without any stress, tension, grief, anxiety. A perfect world which is full of happiness.The world is not simple enough when getting older. The older we are, the less we having fun by playing like in childhood.The festivals around the world will take us to our childhood just for a while. Among these festivals, these are the weirdest food festivals around the world which can be participated every age of people.

1) Giant Omelet Celebration

Giant Omelet Festivals are celebrated around the world, but omelet from Abbeville in Louisiana is the biggest.
Over 5000 eggs are included in this omelet Festival and it is celebrated every year first weekend of November.

2) Noche de Rábanos, Mexico








This is a festival held in Oaxaca, Mexico. The main role of this festival are edible radishes which are nearly two feet long. A competition of carving the veggies into cultural or religious figures, such as the Virgin Mary is executed every year. The winner get 12000 peso and their figure is also described in morning newspaper.
Noche de Rábanos, Night of the Radishes is held since 16th century and still celebration in every Christmas.

3) Chinchilla Melon Festival, Australia

This is a really enjoyable event for children because this festival is about skiing using watermelons instead of snow boots. The festival hold in the city of Melon Capital, Chinchill which is about 300 km from Brisbane and this is held every two years once.

4) La Tomatina, Spain

The history of La Tomatina has different stories and it is said that the festival start to held in 1945. But because of the complaints of old people lived in the town Bunol, the authorities banned the festival and it had held officially only after 1957 August. Nowadays, the festival is more popular and became international so many people around the world were come and celebrate the festival.

5) Fête du Citron, France

Fête du Citron is the festival of Vitamin C. The whole festival is about decorating the town with citrus fruit
for 3 weeks and it is held on every year February and March. There are also many people who come and
see the yellowish city during the festival days.

6) Cheese-Rolling Festival, England

This festival is not rolling about cheese. It’s about rolling people. It is pretty weird to hear a race with a
But, this is really happening. People in England celebrate a festival of who can beat the cheese which is
rolling down Cooper’s hill. The festival is held in every year March and it is also interesting that who can
beat the cheese.

7) La Merengada, Spain

La Merengada is a sweet food and confection festival held in Spain. It is hold in every year of February and
existed 250 years ago. Musicians, various kind of sweet foods and awesome performances are featured in
Festival. They used to held the festival according to their religious days, for instance, Sábado de Mantones/
Saturday Shawls, Jueves Lardero/ Maundy Thursday etc…

8) Galway Oyster Festival, Ireland

If you have confidence to eat oyster among tears, there is a right one for you. Galway Oyster Festival is a
famous festival in Ireland and the festival is about eating as much oyster as within 3 minutes. It’s a must for
foodies and the festival start to celebrate since 1954.

9) Barnesville Potato Festival, United States (Potato Days Festival)

Potatos are delicious, good taste and look good but after you watched this festival you might lose your
appetite because of people wrestling in a pool of mashed potato. Potato Days is celebrate in July every year
and over 20000 people are celebrating together.

10) Olney Pancake Race

This is a very old festival of Pancake because it is held on almost 600 years ago. The festival is about the
women running 400 yards by holding the pancake without falling outside of pan.






All the photo credit go to the original website.

Writer_ Moe Pwint Phyu

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