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The Traditional Foods of Ethnic People in Myanmar

The Union is coming close to celebrate as we would say about the traditional foods of each ethnic in Myanmar which could be representative of the ethnic each other.

Kachin SarPhyal

This is the traditional food of Kachin People. It is included the very small rice noodle, meet likes beef and chicken, cucumber, carrot, lettuce and tofu on a big plate. The main ingredients of SarPhyal are sauce. The sauce is made by fish, fish sauce and lime juice. You could taste some piece of small rice noodle, meat and vegetables together in one bite. The cucumber, carrot and lettuce would also be used to reduce the spicy taste.

Karen Traditional Talapott

It is made by vegetables, fish, and rice powder and fish paste and cooked likes a vegetable soup. The special point of the taste is the sweet taste of fish, vegetable would mixed in the spicy taste of chili and pepper which could be represent the honest and helpful of Karen people.


Rakhine traditional Motti (Mohinga)

Normally Mohinga is made with heavy fish soup and rice noodle but Rakhine traditional Motti is made with peppa, Orion, grilled fish and the hot leaf. Some people added fish cake and fried bean snack in the motti.

Thingyan Rice

Thingyan rice is a traditional Mon dish served during Thingyan, the traditional Burmese New Year. Thingyan rice is infused with paraffin wax, which is extracted from a burning candle, and commonly served with a salad of cured salted fish, which is blanched and fried with onions, along with sour mango or marian plum.


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