The Special Foods of March

It is the season changing period and there comes a lot of seasonal foods.

Some of the food vendors are reopening in this kind of season.

Ice flakes shops and salad vendors can be seen around and a lot of children who are in summer holiday can be seen playing around.

In this content, I will be describing what to eat in March as specials.

March is the month of season changing in Myanmar and we can have a lot of seasonal fruits.


March is the time that you can get watermelon and you could eat it raw or by making it smoothies in addition of sugar and ice.


It is also the end of the cold season and we can have seasonal leftover big strawberries too.

And in this season in Myanmar, it is the time for harvesting sugarcane and you can also see sugarcane juice vendors nearly everywhere. You should grab some sugarcane juice that can make you cool and calm while you are out in the sun.

Next one is the honey oranges and nearly everyone like these small honey oranges. It can help with your body hydration.

It is very delicious to eat by boiling the sweet potato or by deep frying the sweet potato small cubes cut because it is also the season of sweet potato.

And also when we match with Myanmar calendar, March is the same month with “ Ta-Po-Twel” month and this is the month of “ hta-ma-ne” snack and the feeling of a bite of warm “hta-ma-ne” and a sip of hot tea can make your heart warm.

In this season, you can see some people selling “man-ma-ywe” snack on the streets. This snack is originally from middle Myanmar and it is not very easy to make. My grandma can eat more than 1kg when we make it at home.

In March, there is no rain or wind and Pagoda festivals were held in many regions. So, you can also grab variety of foods starting from Myanmar snacks to pork sticks from the food vendors of the festivals.

Last but not least, I would like to suggest you as a present is that “ Drink more water for the hydration of your body” .

With Loves…….

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