Here is the collection of the restaurants lists from Kyauk Myaung, you can have a taste if you arrived Kyauk Myaung unexpectedly.

There are many streets in Kyauk Myaung as I separated the lists streets by streets.

Tadi Pahtan Street

-Happy Restaurant

-Lunch Box-Café & More – the Shan Noodle is the good one, you could get many kinds of snacks foods.

Shwe Myaing Kat Kyi Kite It is situated at the corner of Damadana and Tadi Pahtan Streets. Kat Kyi Kaite is Myeik traditional food. You could get with chicken, pork and seafood.

Shwe Nagar Kye Oh

It is very cheap one, normal unit is only 2500 and special one is 3000 MMK.

MinKwun Khodaung Moth Thi

It is available in the morning. You could get also Mohhinga and its cost is only 600MMK.

Frozen Ice-cream

Ice Garden & Snack, the one unit is only 1500MMK to 2000MMK

Mya Lin Thu (Mawlamyine Restaurant)

Mya Lin Thu is Thai Food special, the main restaurants is from Mawlamyine. Chicken bbq and Chicken Rice is very famous in there.

Kyar Quat Thit Street

Daw Yone Vermicelli and salad

Burmese style salad and Vermicelli soup is special. This shop is situated for a long time and every people from Kyauk Myaung know this shop. It is situated in the corner of Kyar Kwat Thit and Thadi Pahtan street.

Golden Yu Num

BBQ, Myitkyina Chicken noodle and grilled fish are available. The price is 1500 to 3000 MMK only.

San Thit Grilled Fish

You could get Brasil leave grilled fish and Tea Leave Grilled fish. It is situated in front of Golden Yu Num restaurant.

Kaung Kaung and Nyi Nyi Sugar Came Juice

Sugar came juice is the special one and you could get coconut rice and butter rice also.

Shwe Kant Kaw tea shop

It is tea shop and you could get many snacks.

Hot Shot Mohhinga

You could get pepper Mohhinga and Hot Shot special Mohhinga. It is situated at the corner of Dama Wihara street and Kyar Kwat Thit street.

Nilar Ya Da Nar

juice shop which is very famous in Kyauk Myaung.

Moe Pyan Fried Noodle

Fired Noodle and Kye Oh are available there.


Kyauk Yay Twin Street

Natural Thai Food

Thai Food and Seafood are available there

Thida Street

Food Box thai Food

It is situated at the corner of Kyauk Yay Twin street and Thida street.

Country Club – this is included the famous one from Kyauk Myaung. Beer and Cocktail are availabl. It is situated at the corner of Kyauk Myaung and Thida Street.

Yin Yin Cho Mawlamyine restaurant – Mawlamyine style curry and Mon traditional curry are also available.

Pock salad

It is situated at the top of Thida street. You could get Mohhinga with the price 500 MMK.

Awba street

King Dumpling

It is Lashio dumpling restaurant. It is situated at the corner of Shwe Bo street.

Hpat Phu yaung – It is tea shop and situated at the corner of Satkyar street.

Kyauk Myaung Street

OK restaurant – it is normal rice and curry restaurant but famous with their cleaning services.

Mr. Chef – It is very good for chatting with your friend.

Dollar 2 Hot Pot – it is situated at the corner of Ma Hlwa Gone and Kyauk Myaung Street.

Ni Tay Dha Street

Daw Tin Nu Myanmar Snack – available many Myanmar snack likes Sa Nwin Ma Kin. Most of the people order there when they celebrate their donation. It is situated at the corner of Ni Tay Dha Street and Ba Ya Theidi street.

Prawn fried salad – It is street food shop. Available prawn fried salad, Vermicelli salad and Noodle salad.

Doremi Café – It is coffee shop but you could get Korea, Chinese, Japan and European food. Free delivery to Kyauk Myaung.

Mingalar Lan – Shushi shop, situated next to Damawihara street.

Min Lan Rakhine Moh Ti – It is Rakhine Traditional Food, at the corner of Damawihara and Kyauk Myaung street. Available seafood with Rakhine style spicy taste.

Shwe Myo Taw – Famous Fulda and Yogurt shop, situated near Tamwe Orange. Thai food is on the other side.

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