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The foods of Christmas

Here comes the December and the Christmas is very near. And you can hear people singing Christmas songs everywhere. It’s a very cute tradition in Myanmar that people enjoy every religious festivals even though they are not in same religion. In every homes in Christmas, families and friends celebrate by cooking. In this content, I will be telling you about the foods of the Christmas. You can enjoy cooking yourself.

  1. Turkey

A very famous food in western countries. They eat it very preciously in Christmas. They also eat in the thanks giving day. The turkey was stuffed with spices and vegetables and roasted.

  1. Spaghetti

It suits with the roasted turkey. It’s easy to make and the ingredients are very easy to find in the City Marts.

  1. Barbecue

Barbecue is famous not only in west, but also in the east in Christmas. Beef, mutton and ribs are very good to make barbecue. Barbeques are good to eat with roasted pepper and garlics. With a sip of wine is even better.

  1. Pizza

Pizza is not only a celebration food but also a celebration food in west. Now there are some easy ways to make pizza at home.

  1. Various Cakes

It’s very charming to bake a cake at the Christmas Day. Nowadays, there are a lot of ways to bake a cake even with a rice cooker. You can add up any flavor you like.

  1. Goose

Goose is a kind of precious food that a lot of people eat in Christmas Day in the west. I think it is also very easy to cook goose in Myanmar too.

  1. Candy Cane

We even can say that this is the sign of the Christmas.

I think this is enough for the foods of the Christmas. I am sure that my beloved audience will love this one because I described not only food that can have in west bus also in east.  Alright my beloved audience….. Let’s meet again next week.



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