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The Chatty Restaurants of the City Yangon

Chatty dishes are popular and many people love them. The special fact of the chatty curries are the spices. And I think I don’t need to mention about the famous side dishes. But the desserts are too sweet. In this content, I also described about a restaurant that I used to eat when I was young and I am still eating in that restaurant.

1.Shwe Myo Daw

It can be seen obviously at the center of Yangon downtown. Not only chatty dishes but also they have a lot of Indian foods .Although it is a bit expensive, the tastes of the curries are worthy and make the reputation better. It is very delightful to eat the rice with a bowl of very warm soup.

  1. The Family Restaurant

It is located on the 28th street lower block and the price is a bit high and what I am going to say is that it is more than worthy. The curries are delicious and the place is very clean. And you can eat with your meal with banana leaves like a true Indian do. And also the taste of the soup from the side dish is too good.

3. Wa San Thee from Kanbae

This shop was opened since 1990 and it is still opening at the west mote of Moe Kaung Pagoda and the price is cheap. You must eat the ‘ladoo’ which is an Indian sweet to make you sweeter.

4. The cafeteria shop from South Oakklapa Industrial Zone

This little shop won’t cost you more than 2000 kyats even if you eat till you are full. The place is not very big. The smell of the masala is through the air of the zone when they start cooking. Going there  early is the best idea because there is nothing left when the clock strikes 1pm.

5. India Tadka

This place is the most suitable for the people who like luxury items. It is not very chatty type but when it comes to the Indian foods, you cannot forget the Indian Tadka.

Hey… what are you doing? Don’t be hungry by my content. Grab your purse and go have your meals in these restaurants.

Well if you are hungry and your appetite is asking for India foods, don’t forget to try these restaurants and don’t forget to share your own opinions.




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