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Thai 35Mandalay is the last royal capital of Myanmar. When I was visiting some of my relatives in Mandalay, I had great moments, but I would like to say that having dinner with them just before the day I came back was the most memorable experience for me. That night, we decided to have one proper, decent dinner and I suggested trying Thai food since I had been craving for it even before I went to Mandalay. There are not so many Thai restaurants around Mandalay. However, my relatives said that they know one pretty good place with a wide variety of Thai traditional cuisines.

Once we arrived, we parked our car first. There, I was impressed by the parking area right outside of the restaurant with really wide spaces. The restaurant is also a quite large building which matches well with the parking lot. The decoration of lights hanging around the trees near the main entrance got my attention. It offered a warm and romantic feeling and made the night of Mandalay even more wonderful. Finally, I saw the name of the restaurant on the signboard. The restaurant is called Thai 35, named after its address, 35th Street.

Thai 35As I entered with great anticipation, the interior design of the main dining room was awesome as I expected. The paintings are placed on large blackboards, each pair on the wall with dim yellow lights on them. Ample seating is provided for the dining area and customers can enjoy their meal in a comfortable vibe. We all took our seats and started to order our meal. While I was selecting from the menu, I could see that there were different varieties of Chinese and Thai cuisines. They offer a wide selection of seafood, salads, soups, fries, BBQ, and other set menus for lunch and dinner. The drinks list also contains various kinds of beverage categories such as beers, wines, Thai tea, juices and soft drinks. After I finished wandering through the menu, I ordered Thai Original Fried Crab Curry, Tom Yum Goong Soup Spicy and Steamed Squid with Lime and Chili.

Crab CurryThe Fried Crab Curry is a rich Asian mixture of crab, curry powder, egg paste and chili pepper. This particular stir-fry is definitely a perfect representation of typical Thai taste which can give you both sweet taste and spicy flavor at the same time. The pleasant taste of fresh crab meat delightfully combines well with the sweet flavor of soft egg paste and the chili’s spicy flavor. You will want to continue having one after another to relish the distinctive taste and smell of this amazing fried crab curry.
Thai 35

And then I tried Tom Yum Goong Soup Spicy with hot and sour flavor and tom yum fragrance. This authentic soup of Thai contains shrimp, white onions, fresh lime juice and chilies with complete tom yum flavor of lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves. All the ingredients combine to create the soothing soup which will make your tongue fall for its fine spicy tom yum savor.


Hot and Spicy Steamed SquidAfter that, Steamed Squid with Lime and Chili is ready to be served. The ingredients for this amazing menu item are quite strong and aromatic. Clean and fresh squids are steamed together with the flavorful sauce of lime juice, sugar, sliced garlic and chopped chilies. The squids are heated on the steamer with garlic and chilies scattered over them. You will love to eat this dish of tender squids with savory taste of sensation for sure.

The restaurant is definitely a good place to look forward for having lunch and dinner once you are in Mandalay either for a business trip or visiting with friends and family members. If you live in Mandalay and you haven’t visited this restaurant before, you should take a visit and I guarantee that Thai 35 will be your right choice of Thai food. It can offer you wide spaces for both car park and restaurant seating with a relaxed environment. The hall on the second floor is provided for renting services such as wedding events and birthday parties. Service was good and the staff were hospitable. The meals are served by the head Chef Mr. Mu from Thai with 15 years of international experience and his Thai Cook Team. My relatives and I had a brilliant time of having a warm and delightful dinner from this cozy and elegant Thai restaurant which is such an enjoyable night for us. Since that day, Thai 35 has become one of my favorite restaurants. I had a great memory about this place and I wish to come back again.

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Thai 35 Thai 35

35 street၊ Between 58 x 59 street, Mandalay.


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