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Tasted Street Foods in Yangon’s Night Life

Yangon is very famous for night life street foods which are very delicious in locals. I describe my selection street foods in Yangon in the following.

  • Samosas Salad

Set up at the Merchant Road side of the park is a store with short plastic seats where you can hide from sweat to enjoy this quick night snack. Fried samosas cut into neat strips mixed with fried chickpeas, cabbage and potato, topped with a warm savoury broth that completes the dish. If you’re a fan of spicy food, be sure to ask for chilli flakes!

  • Burmese Pancake with mobile shops

A short walk to the other side of Sule Pagoda on the small street between Sule Pagoda road and 33rd street features a row of mobile street vendors that obviously know their craft. Our favourite of the lot was this stall selling pancakes which are in fact one of the best in Yangon! It’s everything you’ve ever dreamed a pancake would be and more freshly cooked, it’s fluffy in the middle and slightly crispy on the sides. Choose to have it with an extra egg atop or sprinkled with nuts, or try both for just K500 (S$0.50).

  • Mohinga

A signature Burmese breakfast dish, you can find a bowl of mohinga all over Myanmar. This rice-noodle dish is served in a hearty fish broth, thickened by crushed chickpeas and other local spices like turmeric and lemongrass. Mohinga can available in mobile shop in Yangon roads which price is 300 MMK to 500 MMK.

  • Tea leave salad with corn and peanut

Another signature Burmese dish is their pickled tea leaves — usually used in teas or served as a salad. As a salad, it’s base of Pennywort leaves — slightly bitter but balances out nicely with the salad sauce — mixed in with diced tomatoes, cabbage and nuts, tossed in a mildly sweet sauce and topped with a squeeze of lime. It makes for a refreshing midday snack or as a starter that opens up your appetite for the mains.  In Yangon, the tea salad with boiled peanut, corn and dried fish is available in the evening and the price is exactly 500 MMK.

  • Pork Sticks (Wat Thar Dote Htoe)

It’s the most famous snack in Yangon and you will find these on every corner of the street in Yangon. Take a stick, dip into the soup and try with the ketchup. The price is between 100 MMK to 250 MMK which depends on the shop.

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