Full Moon Day of Tabaung is Coming

Tabaung Festival

The most beautiful and pleasant month of Tabaung is the twelve and the last month of Myanmar Calendar and March in English calendar. This time is the transition period between the late winter and the spring time. There is famous saying of “ Hot daytime and cold night, Tabaung” to express Tabaung month weather condition and it is the most pleasant moment with many trees, plants, flower blooms, the cloud and sky show their changing colours and designs. It also the month which jaggery (Palm sugar) is made from toddy juice.

The traditional full moon day festival of Tabaung is Sand pagoda festival and it is associated with Buddhism.  Myanmar kings built sand pagodas and held the seasonal festival of Tabaung at the palace as well as at every river side of town and villages. The king, the queen, the princes, the princesses, and all the royal attendants came out to pay homage to sand pagoda ceremonially letting the public participate with entertainments and festivities. The originated of holding the Sand pagoda festival is possible to start from Bagan and this festival was annually continue to held  during the glory time of Innwa Kingdom and until nowadays in Myanmar. In the other hand Tabaung month is the dry season, water in the rivers, lake of sand bank appear instead and this time is also the after harvest time for farmers and make sand pagoda together as a worship of Buddha. After that they participate in cultural entertainments, donations and festivities.

Sand pagodas are built up with tiers and each tier of white sand is flanked by bamboo mattings. After that flowers are decorated on them and donated fruits and foods for sand pagodas. Nowadays sand pagoda festival is only held in few towns and villages which has river bank annually as their local event. Instead of its, there are many pagoda festivals and traditional entertainments are celebrated in full moon day of Tabaung.It is also an occasion when Buddhist tends to go to the temple and monasteries to perform merit making activities.

One of the highlights of the festival celebrated in full moon day in Yangon is the Shwedagon Pagoda festival. This day is recorded as the day of King Okkalapa finished the construction of Shwedagon pagoda. People offering and donate foods to monks and nuns in Shwedagon pagoda. Products produced from all around the regions of Myanmar sell and can get in this festival such as Bamboo basket, trays, boxes, cotton, mats, lacquer wares, pots and all are beautiful souvenirs with traditional Myanmar handmade designs.

There are many desserts and snacks food stalls along the festival. You can see varieties of Myanmar snacks such as pleasant flavor glutinous rice cylinder which has been baked on open fire in their containers, juices, glutinous rice packs with variety flavor of coconut, banana or jaggery, crispy deep fried vegetables, Mohinga, Coconut noodle and other traditional foods that can give the new amazing unique feeling of pagoda festival .There are also Carousel and Ferris wheels and musical shows too. During the full moon day of Tabaung festival is not only held in Shwedagon pagoda but also celebrated in other pagodas in Yangon and other cities around in Myanmar. In Myanmar 12 months have its own signature festival and celebrations. Among them Tabaung festival is the most popular festival and if you have chance to touch with this, Enjoy and fun it.

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