Start the Weekend with a Great Sushi


For the people who used their energy during weekdays should need to eat the high nutrient foods in weekend to start the next weekday with full of energy. To start the great weekend with sushi may bring the new energy and nutrients for you. The Japanese people are famous for their longevity and healthy. This is already a well-known fact and secrets of longevity is that they eat fish, a lot and serve the high nutrients food called Sushi which become very popular around the world and had been representing Japanese food ever since.

Sushi is one of the most famous traditional food of the Japanese culture and it is serving of cooked vinegar rice prepared with brown or white rice combined with varied ingredients of meat, seaweeds, fish, seafood and vegetables and sometimes including fruits too. The combination of fish and vegetables has made sushi as a healthiest meal around the world. Sushi is commonly eaten with condiments of soy sauce, wasabi; a piquant paste made from the grated root of Wasabi japonica plant and usually flavored with Japanese style mayonnaise. Gari is eaten for aid in digestion and green tea is always served together with sushi.


Sushi is an art because it combines cuisine and appealing design together. There are various ingredients in Sushi but most of the ingredients are mostly seafood such as fish, shrimp, crab etc. Depend upon the design and ingredients; there are different kinds of sushi can see all around the world. Sushi has several types in general which are Sashimi (fish on its own), Nigiri Sushi (fish on a ball of sushi rice), maki (seaweed-wrapped variety), Futomaki (fat rolled sushi), Uramaki (rice on the outside), Temaki (sushi hand-rolled into a cone shape) and Chirashi rice sushi. Each type has a special composition and taste. The first idea of sushi was originated from China but it was developed rapidly in Japan. In addition sushi is a great culture in Japan and nowadays, sushi has considered as a very common food in the world.

Sushi becomes people more and more recognizes favorite food because sushi provides unique design with amazing taste. Some of the health benefits of sushi are ability to low blood pressure, decrease the cholesterol, increase metabolism and boost circulation. Sushi in Japan also used to celebrate some traditional ceremony such as Setsubun Festival and Lunar New Year festival.

There are some basic facts of sushi eating style smartly as like Japanese. Clean your hands before eating sushi. Dip the fish side of the sushi into soy sauce and don’t dip the rice side. Don’t remix wasabi and soy sauce. Eat Sushi in one bite. Don’t put the ginger on sushi before eating it.

Making food in weekend with your friends or family can be the best memories. Let’s try to make the simple delicious homemade Japanese sushi with easy steps.

1.    Put the rice into a bowl and add seasoned rice vinegar.

2.    Chop and prepare your vegetables and fish.

3.    Put the seaweed on the bamboo mat.

4.    Wet your hands and spread the rice on the seaweed.

5.    Fill in the gap with your chosen ingredients.

6.    Roll the sushi with the bamboo mat.

7.    Wet your knife then cut the roll into the desired size.

We can see sushi restaurant or sushi packages sold in almost every part of the world. In Myanmar, the numbers of sushi bars increased year by year. There are some sushi available places that can start your weekend with full of nutrients and healthy.

Fuji Japanese RestaurantFuji Japanese Restaurant

Hantharwaddy Road, Kamaryut township, Yangon.

Fuji Sushi Japanese Food RestaurantFuji Sushi Japanese Food Restaurant

No.117, Shwe Taung Tan st(Middle Block), Lanmadaw Township, Yangon.

Yhet’s Sushi & Soba  Yhet’s Sushi & Soba

No.57, 37th street, Merchant Street, Yangon.

Hokkaido Japanese RestaurantHokkaido Japanese Restaurant

No.24-26, Kabaraye Pagoda Road,1st floor of Golden Hill Tower, Bahan township, Yangon.

Yamasaki Japanese Restaurant & BarYamasaki Japanese Restaurant & Bar

No.28/B2, South Horse Race Course Street, Tarmwe Township, Yangon.

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