Spicy Plum Salad Recipe

plum salad

Plums are plenty during winter seasons. You can find many vendors selling plums at markets. I saw them in different sizes, ripe and unripe. I just thought of making a simple yet delicious juicy plum salad. So I decided to buy some home and make the salad after lunch. Here’s the recipe.




Garlic Paste

Chili Powder

Dried Shrimp Powder

Fish Sauce


First, slice the plums into wedges and place them in a plate. Put some chili powder, garlic paste, fish sauce and dried shrimp powder into the plate. Mix them altogether and dress with Coriander in the end. And you can enjoy the bold taste of sour, salty and spicy salad perfect for this cool weather.

I believe you can all enjoy this deftly seasoned crunchy dish. Try to have some with your friends on holidays. I want to recommend this amazing salad to our Doemal Foodie that you will not regret it.

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