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Spend to Redeem?

Rebate System

Have you ever been to restaurants and cafes? Enjoy a TGIF with your buddies? Or have fun eating together on holidays? And have you ever wondered that you can save back your money after you spent it?

You can really make it happen with Doemal’s Rebate & Redeem Program!

Doemal Rebate and Redeem

Doemal’s Rebate & Redeem Program is for foodies where you can get Doemal Dinga for an equal amount as Myanmar Kyats whenever you go and eat. You can use Doemal Dingas as Discount next time.

How to Rebate with Doemal?

rebate and redeem

You can get Doemal Dinga by percentages for the money you spend at Doemal’s partnered restaurants. For example, at Restaurant A (10% Rebate), if you used Doemal Rebate and paid 10,000 Kyats, then you will get 1,000 Doemal Dingas as Rebate. You can collect more Doemal Dingas every time you Rebate and paid at other Doemal’s partnered restaurants.

How to Redeem your Collected Dingas?

Doemal Rebate and Redeem

Whenever you paid for your meal, you can use your collected Doemal Dingas as Discount. For example, if you have saved 5,000 Doemal Dingas and you have to pay 10,000 Kyats at Restaurant B (10% Rebate), you can use your 5,000 Doemal Dingas and only have to pay for the remaining 5,000 Kyats. (You will get 500 Doemal Dingas as 10% Rebate for paid 5,000 kyats.)

What is Doemal Dinga?

Doemal Dinga is similar to Myanmar Kyats. You can check how many Dingas you get as Rebate and how many Dingas you paid as Redeem. You will be able to order food online by using Doemal Dinga in the near future.

Which Restaurants are Doemal’s Partners?

rebate and redeem

Seafood Paragon
Address – No,(31/A), Aungzayya Road,Yankin Township,Yangon

rebate and redeem

Bar Bondi
Address – Corner Botahtaung and Strand Roads, International Commercial Center Ground floor,Botahtaung Township,Yangon

V-Day Discount Restaurants

Gandamar Garden BBQ & HotPot
Address – No.132,Gandamar Street,Mayangone Township,Yangon,Myanmar

rebate and redeem

Cafe House (Lanmadaw)
Address – Corner of Min Ye Kyaw Road and Pho Bar Bar Road, Lanmadaw Township,Yangon

rebate and redeem

Loi Sam Sip
Address – No. 31, Shin Saw Pu Road, Sanchaung Township,Yangon

rebate and redeem

Sha Yi Kachin Food

Address – No-76, Bogyoke Road, Between 50*51 Street, Ground Floor, Pazundaung Township ,Yangon

rebate and redeem

Cafe House(Thingangyun)
Address – No.50/10 Thur Mingalar Road, Snow Garden Housing, Thingangyun Township, Yangon|

rebate and redeem

Yunnan Kitchen
Address – No.21/22 , Corner of Thida road and Baho Road , 13 Quarter, Hlaing Township , Yangon

rebate and redeem

96 Cafe
Address – Building 39, Room 2, Shwe Ohm Pin Housing, Yan Shin Street, Yankin Township, Yangon.

rebate and redeem

Address – Unit G01, Bo Myat Tun Tower, Bo Myat Htun Street ( lower block), Botataung, Yangon

rebate and redeem

32 Kitchen
Address – No.32, Myittar Road, 11st Ward, South Okkalapa Township, Yangon.

Use DOEMAL and get your DINGA!

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