Special Recipes for Cooking Eggs

colorful eggs

Eggs are must have items for busy housewives and single residents’ kitchens. I am sure everyone will be interested to know a recipe for holiday recipe with eggs.


There are countless recipes for preparing dishes with eggs. Are you getting bored of basic way of frying eggs such as half fried and scrambled? Don’t worry! Here I am introducing some different ways of how to fry your egg uniquely.

Cloud Eggs


The cloud eggs are different from the normal fried eggs and easy to make. This dish is definitely the kids’ favorite.

To make the cloud eggs, you need to separate the egg whites and egg yolks from two eggs. Season salt and pepper to egg whites and whip until stiff. Once the whites become fluffy, fry with hot oil in the pan. After the egg whites turn slightly golden, add the egg yolk to the center. And you now finish making a cute cloud eggs fry!

Colorful Egg Fries

You can easily get some lovely colored fried eggs by adding food coloring with usual fried eggs recipe. You can place your favorite colors so you can have fun while you are frying the eggs.

Boiled Colored Eggs


The main secret behind the colored eggs is the food color. First, remove the shells and sink them in water for about 15 minutes. And then you can have the different colored eggs.

Enjoy your happy moments with your family on the holiday!


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