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Itea shopLatha Township is a hearty place for all food lovers in Yangon. There are so many delicious food places in there and when you visit this unique area, you will never come back with empty stomach. There is a newly opened restaurant named “itea” which is located in Sint Oh Tan Street. Actually “itea” has been existed for almost 3 years but they decided to modify the restaurant’s outfit and transforming it into a modern nice one because of their increasing customer base. “itea” had been popular among the food lovers that is why the management taking care to satisfy them.

decorationWe discovered the new-born place when we have been on our way to discover new place in Yangon. And we found “itea”. When we entered into the restaurant, our eyes immediately attracted by their cool, strong lead walldecoration of colors and textures. The interior design is not only for youth but also nice environment for business meetings or hang out with family. It is a really multifunctional place. The space is intimate and cozy, decorating with wooden boxes as well as graffiti-art all over on the wall with fancy food quotes hanging to complete the perfection.

It is like beautiful photo booth comes alive to create the best memories in there. We also took beautiful photos and selfies. Besides all of selfie placethese elements, “itea” is also decorated with artificial plants highlighting the real naturalism to bring people closer to an impressive green environment. “itea” has two floors and both give a proper beauty of a dining style setting, comfortable and wide enough for customers.

Kim PotNow the time for our prime interest: food. We started with Kim Pot which is signature dish in “itea”. Do you know what Kim Pot is? Kim Pot is a combination of hot pot and barbecue and a good choice who love to eat both hot pot and barbecue. Their soup type is chicken broth based and taste is really nice, you can feel the components are used with perfect dosage. You can choose combo options such as chicken, pork, beef and seafood. Each set is enough to eat even for two persons.

Kim Pot2All meat, vegetables and ingredients are really fresh and you will be satisfied after you have tried them. They provide butter, pork oil and cooking oil to grill the meat with. Without some sauce it cannot be complete themeat and vegetables feeling to eat hot pot and barbecue, right? At “itea”, the sauce taste is sweet and spicy which is perfectly matching to eat with hot pot or barbecue.We grilled meat, boiled the vegetables and we were waiting a little bit to make sure all tastes will be dominant. Barbecue was really delicious with its smoky flavor and hot pot taste became delightful after combing with boiling potfresh vegetables. We are sure that this is a kind of food that you will love to eat again and again.

The restaurant also offers boiling pot which is a special menu for single. There are 3 different types of soup; original flavor, Tom Yum and Marlar. We tried Tom Yum boiling pot which was consist of glass rice noodle, enoki mushrooms, sausages and seafood. It was hot and spicy and we could not stop eating because it was really highly pleasant to the taste. The combination of its ingredients gave us a really nice experience at “itea”.

Enokifried noodleDeep fried enoki is a popular dish that you can thoroughly enjoy with just 2,000 kyats and its unique point is fried with black pepper imported from Taiwan which is really appetizing.Not only they have fried enoki but also fried chicken and squid which also used signature black pepper. Various selections are also available. If you feel to eat some international food like a burger, pasta or pizza the chef can easily make it for you.

teaAs the name of “itea” reflecting on a tea-house it has over 40 drinks such as milk tea, frost, fruit teas, smoothie, pulpy, hot brewed teas, tease (without tea), coffee and sinker to add in tea. Milk tea are the most popular one and each different milk tea has unique taste. They have four flavours in milk teas such as Okinawa (black sugar flavor), Hokkaido (butter toffee caramel flavor), Jasmine (floral & creamy flavor) and Winter melon (premium milk tea with a hint of winter melon flavor).  We tried Hokkaido with pearl toppings. It has really pleasant smell and it can refresh you in a second. Love it!

tea2Overall “itea” is a perfect place for all food lovers. Food are gorgeous and super nice in its own way and the service is really good, people are friendly and they give a kind smile as well. It is one of the best restaurants that you can get the best Kim Pot and foods with particular environment. By the way, if you took a nice photo in “itea”, upload it on “Doemal, tip this new place for your friends and share your experiences on “Doemal”.


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