Soup Culture in Myanmar

Soup culture in Myanmar

Food in Myanmar is usually served with fresh ingredients, often including vegetables used together with tropical fruits. Rice is the basic staple food of Myanmar and served with variety of meat, fish, vegetable and fruit curries and soup. Soups are considered an indispensable part of traditional cuisine, served with almost every meal from breakfast to dinner.

In the West, people take their soup at the beginning of every meal before the main course. Soup is served along with the main course and it will help swallow the solid food easily acts as an appetizer in Myanmar. According to traditional meals, there are mainly four basic styles of soups – sweet soup called Hinjo, bitter hot soup called Hinga, bean soup and sour soup called Chin Yay Hin. The sweet soups are usually clear and bland, with vegetables. The bitter hot soup is generally spicy peppery and served hot with salads. Bean soups are made with various kinds of bean mix with vegetables. Most of Myanmar curries are a bit oily for that reason, sour soup is best suitable soup for oily curries.

The most famous soups of Myanmar meal, sour soup called Chin Yay Hin. It is usually made from variety of vegetables and taste of the dish as well as the name given will change depending on the types of vegetables used. Most types of Chin Yay Hin will have tamarind to make it sour but when vegetables are naturally sours are used, tamarind should not need to add. Sour soups are mostly make with seasonal vegetables such as roselle leaves, radish, mustard green leaves, tamarind leaves, drum sticks, watercress and etc.

The national dish of Myanmar is a special fish soup called Mohinga which is traditionally a favourite breakfast recipe. There are various kinds of soups depends upon the ingredients and cultures. Myanmar has a wide and cultural range of dishes that reflect the many different nationalities contained within the union. For example, mustard green soup is signature soup of Shan race. Mustard green soup is a simple and healthy soup that Shan people enjoy and they use a lot of mustard green in various style of Shan food.

Traditional food of Kayin race, vegetable soup (Ta La Baw) is very famous and represent Kayin race. This dish is not easily found in restaurant and mostly can find in Kayin state. Beef and corn soup called Sarbuudi represents Chin race. One of the Rahakhaine traditional food of Rhakhaine fish soup (Rhakhaine Mohti) is also famous for its hot and spicy.

Sometimes food can be related with cultural festivals. There is a special soup related with full moon day of Tazaungmone. This soup is bitter Maezali bud soup. On the full moon day of Tazaungmone, all the stars completely shown out at midnight and Myanmar people usually eat together Maezali bud soup with their family and friends. People believes in eating Maezali bud soup and salad on that night will be free from all diseases. This is one of the treasured habits of Myanmar.

Wherever you go and eat lunch or dinner around all the places in Myanmar, you can find a soup always accompanies with Myanmar meal. That is why do not be surprised if your meal will come with a fresh bowl of soup as well.

Do you have any favorite local soup yet? Let’s go and discover new places and try all different soup you can. Enjoy!

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