Are you getting scolded for eating instant noodles/ramen so much like me? I guess only a small amount of us haven’t heard about Samyang, an instant noodle brand. Well, Doemal wrote this article for those who haven’t tried Samyang yet. Read this before you try it >>

Before introducing the brand to you, one thing you have to make sure is that be careful not to buy the fake ones, almost identical to the original, produced in China. (A sincere reminder of the one, me, who confidently bought the fake one.) Buying from City Mart Supermarkets or Ocean Supermarkets sounds ensuring I guess.

There are two types of packaging in Samyang, the small package which is 80 g and the large one which is 140 g. But the flavors of 80 g packages and those of 140 g ones differ. And another difference is that 80 g package is exactly for one serving. The size of the noodles is kind of smaller than that of the 140 g ones but it is about the same size as other instant noodle brands. The price of 80 g package is 850 kyats.

The noodle size of 140 g package is big and a bit more than one serving so you can share it with others but if you are sure that you can finish it all by yourself, go for it. The price is 1650 kyats. There are two types of packaging for 140 g – cup and package. So, I will mention some flavors that meet my type.

Bulgogi (80 g)
You don’t like spice but if you wanna try Samyang because it is famous among consumers, you should choose this Bulgogi flavor. It is just sweetened flavor so it fits for those who don’t like spicy flavor. But this one serving is too small for my stomach. 😆

Jjajang (80 g)

Are you drooling every time you see the actors and actresses eating soybean paste noodles in kdramas? Also, if you are too lazy to go and eat it at restaurants and want to eat it comfortably at home, you should buy this Jjajang flavor. Don’t be lazy to boil the noodle though. Its soybean paste is the main point. Actually, I like this flavor more than Bulgogi. The taste is neither too sweetened nor spicy but great.

Hot Chicken Flavor (140 g)

This one is really on fire. If you like spice, this flavor is worth the price. It can be really too spicy for people like me who don’t like spicy flavor but I once grilled the pork with pepper and mixed the pork with this flavored noodles, the outcome is fantastic.

Hot Chicken Flavor Jjajang (140 g)

For those who think that the taste can get weary if the soybean paste noodle is not spicy, this large package is a good choice. Since it is a 140 g package, the noodle size is big and the serving is also huge so you can eat as much as you want. This 140 g package contains some beans and meats too although it is not as spicy as the above flavor.

Cheese (140 g)

This one is also spicy but with cheese smell. If you make me choose between Cheese and Hot Chick Flavor, I would definitely go for the latter.
Besides these flavors, there are also Kimchi flavor and Topokki flavor in 80 g packages. And in 140 g, there are Mala flavor, Seafood flavor, Hot Chicken Flavor Curry and so on. I haven’t tried the famous 2x Hot Chicken Flavor yet.


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