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After eating different kinds of Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Western foods, you should try traditional foods as well. Here  is a list of some famous foods in Shan state this time.

Do you wanna go a trip to Inlay with a strange lifestyle? Or to Kalaw and Taunggyi with a cool weather? Or do you just want to roam around and eat in Yangon. You can eat Shan traditional foods wherever you go so I will be mentioning some of them here.

Khaw Pote

It is made with glutinous rice of dark purplish color. It will be taken out from the wrapping leaf and roasted just before you eat. Sometimes, it is fried with oil. Its taste is originally salty. And it can be eaten with oiled tofu, salt or sugar. It’s not very soft and it’s like glittering bullet, the rice cooked in the bamboo.

Hinn Htote

Just as the name, it is a steam of both rice and meats or meats only wrapped in leaf. The taste is a bit bland. I am not sure but it tastes kinda bland because most of the Burmese foods are sharp in flavor.

San See and Shan Khouk Swel

You all know these two foods. San see have two kinds – juicy one and juiceless one. San see is a little more glutinous and its noodle size is larger than the other. The latter is more into spicy flavor but San see is sweet. Almost everyone knows these two but I wrote this thinking what if there’s someone who doesn’t know.

Ngar Htamin Nal

This one is made with fragrant fish and it is boiled first. Then, the bones are removed and mixed with rice and allium hookeri. After being coated with roasted peppers and garlic oil, it smells good. The taste of the rice is a bit salty but that of the fish is bland.

Shan Htamin Chin

This is a vegetable version of the previous one. It also contains garlic oil and is coated with tomato paste. The taste of this is a little sour just like its name.

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