Simple Cooking Tips

Go into the kitchen only after reading this! These are some basic tips you should know if you are new in this field. Read this to help you in the kitchen.

Simple Cooking Tips

For those who are learning to cook, since you are not a professional, it’s really stressful when you have trouble holding the knife. Let’s read some useful tips to avoid mistakes.

First of all, have you ever experienced when you’re cutting something and your plastic cutting plate keeps slipping? There is a solution for that. Just put the damp cloth flat under the cutting plate and you will find it a lot better. But the cloth doesn’t need to be too wet, just damp.

If you have to squeeze more limes because the limes are not really juicy, try this way. Just put your lime or lemon into the microwave for about 20 seconds before squeezing. And you will notice that the limes become juicier.

If you are too lazy to peel the shells of the boiled eggs, you should try this. The shells will break if you put the boiled eggs together into a pot and shake it. Then when you rinse the eggs, the shells will come out automatically so you can just take the boiled eggs only. It’s really a convenient way to make egg curry. You don’t have to peel one by one.

Another tip is to sharpen the knives. It’s more dangerous to use dull knives in cutting something. When the knife is dull, it makes it difficult to cut or slice and you can even get a cut on your finger.

The last tip is not to crowd the pan when you fry something.  If you put everything into the pan, some food might be cooked but some might not be and some might even be burnt. Well, now you know some basic tips so are you ready to go into the kitchen?

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