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The Best Healthy Hot Pot Place, “Shwe Pan Htike”

Hot-pot is famous as a healthy food around the world. The tasty hot-pot is mainly depend on the broth and the broth is a life of hotpot. That’s why for our “Doemal” hot-pot lovers, we would like to describe one of the best hot-pot restaurants which can give you the real taste of hot-pot.

This Hot Pot restauant name  is “Shwe Pan Htike” located at No-14 , Latha township. As soon as you entered into the restaurant, you will see the beautiful paintings drawn by the owner with neat and tidy decoration and setting.

In this restaurant, they serve hot-pot broth for the individual customer. So you can choose the taste that you want on your own favourite. In this restaurant hot-pot broth have three different kinds of taste like Original, Spicy and Mala .The taste of the broth is so delicious and they only use and cook with the healthy ingredients. So it is a nice hotpot restaurant for people who wants to serve hot pot with healthy.

We would like to introduce “Shwe Pan Htike’s” popular meatballs with wonderful flavors. They are so popular among the Hotpot lovers. Each meatball is filled with various types of ingredients and it makes you excited about the flavors while eating the meatballs.

You can order orange-striped meatballs, called “Ocean dumpling”, consist of fish and sweet fish-egg sauce,“Roe dumpling” made with  prawn-eggs, Chicken cheese ball which Doemal team likes the most, and Mushroom pork ball and Pork paste ball which goes well with broth. The meatballs are quality-imported meatballs from Taiwan and the price is around 1500 kyats. So, you can enjoy various tastes of meatballs with reasonable prices.

Their meat slice, seafood, vegetables are so fresh and they provide variety of mushrooms which is the best match to eat with hotpot. In Chinese traditional when eating hotpot, the meat slice should dip in soup in a few second and then feel the mix taste of the fresh good quality meat and soup. So if you would like to eat hotpot with this way, “Shwe Pan Htike” meat slice are ready for you. They provide the sauces and you can also create your own sauce depend on your favorite and they have free flow Juice for all customers. 

Not only “a la carte type”, there’s also “Set Menu style” hot-pot such as Chicken hotpot, Pork hotpot, Mutton hotpot and seafood hotpot. Moreover the prices of set menu are around 7000 kyats and 13000 kyats so it’s a suitable price to eat the delicious hot-pot.

If you are finding a best hotpot place which provide the good taste, using healthy ingredients with best services, “Doemal” highly recommand the best hotpot place, “Shwe Pan Htike”

 Shwe Pan Htike Hot Pot

No,27, 14th street, Lanmadaw Township, Yangon.

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