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Nowadays regional foods are more and more popular around the world and become people’s favorite food. In Myanmar, traditional foods are very popular, not only among in local people but also for foreigners. Shan food is known to be less oily than other cuisines in Myanmar and it is well known as a healthy cuisines.

When you want to eat authentic Shan taste food or special dinner in traditional food place, “Shan Yoe Yar” Restaurant is a fine- dining restaurant which is fantastic, lovely and beautiful and awesome Shan Style decoration restaurant. Set in attractive, air- conditioned renovated wooden house style provide with authentic Shan food, drinks, private rooms and has a big car parking for the customers which is very convenient for everyone.

It is the most Yangon high class Shan Style fine dining restaurant. The space downstairs is open plan dinning and on upstairs, private rooms for special meeting, gathering and party. When you enter the Shan Yoe Yar the friendly smile face of staffs who are dressed in traditional Shan outfits are warmly welcome to you.

The food in “Shan Yoe Yar” is real Shan authentic food especially Shan tofu and noodles. The menu offers a wide range of authentic Shan delicacies to choose from. Every foods in “Shan Yoe Yar” has unique taste and all are very delicious. Their popular food of Shan Noodle, Tofu is very popular because of its authentic taste and fresh ingredients. They also have a lot of popular foods among the customers.Nga Oan

One of the popular food of “Ngar Ohn” which is make of Nga Gyin fish mixed with Shan coriander, basil leaves, Phat Phai leaves, tomatoes, fermented soy bean, spices and seasoning. Then wrap the fish up in banana leaves to steam and then grill is a popular Northern Shan dish which is special food for ceremonies. It taste is very awesome when you eat with leek roots and chili.

Spiced Pounded chickenSpices pounded chicken with garlic and fresh chili, coriander and lime juice will attract your stomach hungry.

Have you ever tasted Quince in curry? In Shan food, making Quince with fish is so unique because of it fragrance of the dish and slightly sour taste make it all the refreshing.

Chicken, Aw Soon leaves, fermented mustard leaves and egg is called Nam Kham Cold Noodle which is light dish with a spicy and sour taste.

“Hsipawa nga Gyin Hmee Chat” which is fried fish tail served with tomato sauce and dried soy beans, onion leeks and red chili is a master piece art dish in “Shan Yoe Yar” Restaurant because the fish tail need to cut beautifully and skillfully.

Vegetable dishes are available in “ Shan Yoe Yar” Restaurant. Popular vegetables dishes are fried Sh kar leaves (Garkha Nyut), Shan Thee Sone Chin Yay Hinn (Shan mixed vegetables sour soups), Garden soup called (Phatt Tee) made of variety of vegetables, Mone Hnin Saw or Fa Saw Soup is an authentic Shan Mustard Leaf Soup cooked with chicken and etc. are for those who like traditional Shan vegetables dishes and should try in “Shan Yoe Yar” Restaurant.

When you are eating the Shan food “Wat Tha Chin” can’t forget to serve, it is an appetizer which is made rice, minced pork, wrapped banana leaves usually served with fried garlic oil, fried chili and chive roots.

Fancy a cool glass of soda, juices and beverages can serve in “Shan Yoe Yar” restaurant. You can get a variety of colorful sodas at “Shan Yoe Yar” and they are so nice. If you are a sweet food lovers they have many special Shan sweet desserts which is always made of fresh fruits and ingredients.

“Shan Yoe Yar” is one of the best Shan foods place for food lovers who would like to taste the authentic Shan taste with high standard. Come and taste their authentic Shan food and hope to enjoy delicious Shan foods. If you have a favorite Shan foods, tell us what is it and what does it taste?


Shan Yoe Yar Restaurant
No.169, War Tan Street, Lanmadaw Township, Yangon.
09 250 566 695


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