Rose Petal Jam Recipe

Rose Petal Jam

Rose Petal Jam

Roses are beautiful flowers and loved by most cultivars. Roses deserve to be appreciated as favorite plants because of the joy and smile they can bring to us. They are popular because people admire their beauty. They have got aromatic fragrance, pretty petals, amazing colors and lovely shapes.

Rose Petal Jam

Roses also act like a kind of cupid for Valentine Day. It is a true beauty of expressing sincerity through a bouquet of roses. People always prefer roses for ceremonies and events.


Besides the decoration, making bouquets and perfumes, roses are also used for making food. They are added in cooking to create more exotic flavor. They taste delicious and look wonderful. Among those wonderful dishes, let me present you the easy recipe of preparing sweet rose petal jam.

Rose Petals Jam


20 Rose Petals




Lemon Juice


Rose Petals Jam

First of all, let’s select which color of rose petals you would like to use. The color of the jam will vary according to your rose color.

  • Cut off each petal and wash them with water.
  • Boil the sugar with a little bit of water. Mix with lemon juice and honey. Once the sugar mixture becomes thicken, add the rose petals.
  • Stir the rose petals and the sugar mixture for about 20 minutes and bring to a boil. At last, keep the jam cool and enjoy with bread, cake, toast or cracker. You can also use the jam in other sweets and desserts.
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