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Root to Stem Eating

Root to Stem Eating is the popular method lately. There are tons of wastes of vegetables which actually are of high nutritious value. Besides, some of the wasted parts are more nutritious than the eating parts. So, root to stem eating is popular for that reason. If vegetables are not wasted, you can save more money. Here are some vegetables you can eat as whole.


Almost every house and food store peel the potatoes. Fried or cook or boil, most of us peel the potatoes. But not in the baking. Also you throw away peel after baking. You, however, can eat the whole potato including its skin. You just need to wash thoroughly. The nutrients of potato are much more in the skin. If you know that, I bet you don’t want to throw away.

Potato skin contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Niacin, iron and fibers. They are also present in potato flesh but more in the skin. Fibers containing foods are suitable for constipation and iron for iron deficiency anemia. So, next time when you cook potato, don’t peel it. Just wash and cook.


Many people eat Kale leaves but not its stem. Kale stem are so delicious that you shouldn’t throw away in the bin. Kale stem is crispy when half-fry. It is rich in antioxidants, Phytochemicals, calcium, manganese, Vitamin B complex, fibers, etc.

There is no which have more nutrients then which parts. Instead of throwing away, eating the stem make less waste of delicious and nutritious. Some say it has anti-cancer property but still not sure.

Broccoli and Cauliflower

Burmese call the broccoli as Pann-mone-la-sein. People eat only flower parts for both and throw away stem and leaves. Please don’t. They are rich in nutrients, too.

Broccoli is good for cardiovascular system, immune system and said to be had an anti-inflammatory property. It contains phytochemicals, Vitamin A, B, C, potassium and fibers. According to American Cancer Research Institute, phytochemical containing plants have anti-cancer effect. So for the most benefit, eat all part – flower, stem and leaves.


In cauliflower, Vitamin C is the richest and Vitamin B6, Omega 3 and fibers are present. For the minerals, it contains potassium, phosphorus and magnesium.


There are a lot more to say. So I’ll not describe details. Let’s see.


Orange peel – dry them in sunlight and you’ll get Vitamin C rich snack.

Lemon peel – For flavoring, some people add the grated peel to their cooking.

Carrot and its leaves – Carrot leaves can be used as replacement for parsley. FYI, cut of the top part of the carrot to prevent dehydration of carrot root.

Pumpkin seeds – save and roast. It is now popular in traditional green tea salad.

Melon seeds – roast and you can enjoy a snack call Kwar-sae. And melond sprout are as great as bean sprout.

Corn silk – you’ll be amaze that corn silk is very useful for urinary system when you enjoy as a tea. It is good for kidney stone, urinary tract infection.


You can even save roselle stem, parsley root, and mint stem for regrowing. If you have some suggestion for root to stem eating, please don’t forget to share in comment box.


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