Valentine's Day

Romantic Restaurants in Mandalay

Valentine Day, a day on which every lovebird is excited about, is getting near now. So, do you know where to take your partner out for a date on this special day? It is important to pick the right place to make an impressed Valentine memory to remember.

V- Day Restaurant from MDY

There are a few restaurants from Mandalar land where you enjoy your romantic dinner with your loved one on V-Day. The following restaurants are all cool and beautifully decorated. There are also wide varieties of menus available. Just don’t forget Doemal for telling you when you fully enjoyed your meal with your love!


This café restaurant is just perfect for romantic people. You can enjoy music in a relaxing atmosphere. Also you can pick from their perfect menus with fair prices.

Address – 36 Street, Between 78 & 79 Street, Mandalay.

Fresh Up

Looking at your lover’s face while enjoying sunset is quite a feel right? Well, you can get that feeling which can refresh your heart right here at Fresh Up! Coffee, Thai Tea and other snack menus are available.

Address – Mandalay Yadanar Pone, Swimming Pool Area, Yandanar Pone Night Market, Mandalay.

Koffee Korner

You can enjoy good coffees here just like the café name. The neat and lovely decoration can make you receive more points from your loved one on your dinner date.

Address – 70 Street, Mandalay.

The Garden Café

Who can say no to this lovely garden? You can completely enjoy the beauty of nature such as trees, flowers and river. This kind of amazing view will definitely provide you a romantic dinner at sunset.

Address –

Address – Mingun, in front of Mingun Bell.

Sky Bar Café

You can enjoy the epic view of the whole beautiful Mandalay city from above. The foods are also reliable. This place will be ideal for every girl’s dream of marriage proposal for sure.

Address – Corner of 22 & 23 Streets, Mandalay.

You can find more restaurants of Mandalay from Doemal.


Romantic Restaurants in Mandalay
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