Romantic Dinning Moments at Vintage Luxury Yacht Hotel

There is something romantic about a restaurant on a ship. As if I had travelled back in time, this 1920 Victorian themed hotel had everything being luxurious. As soon as you step into the ship, you will feel like you step into a scene from the titanic. I could say that I felt like Leo DiCaprio in Titanic as I walked into the ship. Stylishly decorated in dreamy hue of brass, 1920 Industrial Restaurant and Pirate Restaurant from Vintage Luxury Yacht offer lavish feeling of antique romance.



Both restaurants are on the same fifth floor and decorated with dim yellow lighting bulbs and antique wooden floor. As you arrived on the fifth floor, you will see the entrance of 1920 Industrial Restaurant first. The restaurant is named to revise the memorable Myanmar Industrial Revolution era. Decorating with old-fashioned telephone and paintings hanged on the wall and marine style dining seats, it succeeds in creating an artful, yet not overdone atmosphere.

There is another entrance leaded to the Pirate Restaurant after you walk into the 1920 Industrial Restaurant. It is also artfully styled to reproduce the tradition of the 1920s. Record players and big round-shaped tables are beautifully furnished in this luxurious dining room. Robinson Crusoe Bar is at the corner of the restaurant. On the sunrise open deck extension from Pirate Restaurant, you can take adventures like Jack Sparrow, or have a romantic moment by stepping out to the edge like Jack and once did in Titanic. You can have a good time enjoying your meal in a peaceful harmony with a wide, nice view of Yangon River.

Dining Experience

Having a nice classy meal at there is fairly affordable. They also offer promotion like 4,000MMK vegetable menus and 10,000MMK seafood menus with two beers free for July. Their experienced and acclaimed chefs put all the effort to bring something distinctive in taste and quality. The restaurants offer a broad range of exquisite dishes and delicious desserts, from Myanmar, Thai and Indian cuisines to Western, European, Japanese, and Pan-Asian specialties. Vegetarian option is also available. Lunch and dinner are available at the 1920 Industrial Restaurant from 12pm to 11pm. International breakfast buffet is served in the Pirate Restaurant between 6:30 am and 10:30 am. Lunch and dinner are available between the hours of 12pm and 11pm. And most of the events are held at the Pirate Restaurant. They also serve à la carte menus every day from 11am to 11pm.


The first one to start with is an authentic Thai style recipe called Spicy Pomelo Salad. The sweetness from slightly juicy pomelo flesh mixed well with onions, tomato, coriander leaves, a little sour taste of lime juice, and the spicy flavor from chili tossed well with dressing and make this appetizer enjoyable.


Another starter called Chicken Boxing is also a light dish to enjoy. The chicken wings shaped like boxing gloves are fried with Chinese parsley and crispy bread crumbs and the meat tastes perfectly nice.



The Cantonese Style Corn and Crab Meat Soup is the mixture of grated sweet corn, crab meat and scrambled egg. The ingredients complete the soup’s delightfully sweet taste.

Main Dishes

Main Dishes

The Spicy Roasted Chicken is quite juicy with the dark tender meat and the bright flavor of chili. The meat is well-balanced in roasting and easy to chew.

The second menu named Sea Bass Pesto with Beurre Blanc Sauce is a fine European dish with a nice presentation. A simple ingredient like pan fried sea bass dressed with French white butter sauce called beurre blanc sauce and served with pesto sauce. The tender cut of fish with the slightly sour sauce gives you a unique taste.

Next, we tried Mutton Nihari, a traditional Indian stew with slow-cooked mutton as the main ingredient, mixed with garam masala. The dish has a rich flavor of spices and is a little hot, but the spiciness is not too strong.

Next up is Murg Mussalam which is a popular Indian dish. The whole chicken is stuffed and braised in thin cooked but rich gravy Yakhni sauce with aromatic spices served with biryani underneath the chicken.


First, we had a famous Indian bread pudding called Shahi Tukra. This simple dessert will delight you with the sweetness from poured milk mixture and scattered nuts over the fried bread slices.

The final dessert for a perfect ending is Crumbled Apple Pie stuffed with apple filling and crumbs on top. This lovely pastry has a smooth taste and nice smell.

My Thoughts

The two restaurants from Vintage Luxury Yacht serve an ideal peaceful dining in downtown away from the busy city where you can enjoy a romantic dinner or chill with your friends and family. You can either feel the breeze on the sunrise deck outdoor, or you have a cruising feel while dining inside. You can enjoy the opulence in antique decorations and international menus at the same time. The dishes are well-balanced in flavor, not overcooked and pleasantly aromatic. Waiters are attentive and provide professional services. So, why not enjoy the memorable voyage of your life by visiting such a wonderful place.

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