Reasons why Starbucks is so popular

Starbucks is the world’s leading specialty coffee retailer, producing and selling a wide variety of beverages, as well as pastries and confections. Through some 8,400 coffee shops throughout 30 countries around the world (Berlind, 1998). Starbucks also sells its beans to airlines, restaurants, businesses and hotels; manufactures coffee-related equipment and accessories, and produces a line of premium teas and a line of compact discs through its mainly company-operated retail stores.

From inconspicuous beginnings as a one-store outfit in a marketplace 33 years ago, Starbucks has grown to become one of the most talked about brands in recent times. The Company’s formula for success is mainly based on the following:

Employees’ Approach

The key retail success of the Starbucks brand is determined by people’s interaction with the Company’s experience, and the culture and values of how they relate to customers. By investing and creating a unique relationship with the staff and getting them to understand that first of all is the primary target to exceed the expectations of the employees and then of the customers. People at Starbucks are never viewed as commodities, but as business partners.

Starbucks is the best place to study

With multiple sandwiches and muffins to choose from, comfortable chairs, and a number of outlets, Starbucks is one of the best places to study because you can eat, drink, and study at the same time. If you’ve been studying for a while and get a bit lonely, no worries. Starbucks is the hot-spot on campus and chances are, you’ll run into a few of your friends while you’re there.



Experimentation and Innovation 

Starbucks is a disciplined innovator. And good management of its innovation timeline is one of the primary reasons behind the Company’s success in generating consistently high levels of same store sales. Customers can try and taste various coffee brands in the store. The Company’s ability to roll out new initiatives and products relatively quickly is a considerable competitive strength.

Starbucks and Celebrities

As mentioned before on the Referral Candy blog, the Starbucks experience, despite its populist aspirations, projects an exceptional aura of status and prestige. And Starbucks has celebrities to thank for it. Scan through any celebrity news-site or gossip rag and you’d find paparazzi shots of famous people clutching Starbucks drinks.

Rewards and Benefits to customers

Once you download the Starbucks app and add money onto your phone. You start racking up stars for every purchase you make, and dollar you spend. Reward-member benefits include a free reward for your birthday, order ahead, and free refills. Once you collect 300 stars, you get gold status and get a reward for every 125 stars. Even though you’re spending every paycheck on Starbucks, Starbucks rewards you with benefits.

Social Media for Social Coffee

As early as 2008, Starbucks took to social media, and has dominated that realm ever since. Its well-received presence on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest treats coffee as something to be shared with friends and family. For example, Starbucks regularly announces one-for-one promotions on their social media outlets, which in turn, produces exceptional social media engagement rates via shares, likes, mentions, and comments.

In many ways, Starbucks’ social media strategies are an extension of its stores’ famous calm, inoffensive, and warm ambience. Facebook page are reliably attended to with patience and transparency, while its Instagram account is adorned with fan photos of Starbucks’ drinks, events, and stores

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