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Places to Go Hangout in the Summer Holiday

Summer time has come and the schools are closed. Yangon is also a very big city.

For teenagers, your parents won’t let you go out at night.

And you want to go hangout with your friends in the daytime.

And if you don’t know where to go, you should read this content.

If you are hanging out around Yangon and also looking for something to eat, I would like to suggest the tray restaurant in the Kandawgyi Myaw Sin Island for the first one.

The tray restaurant from Myaw Sin Island

The main reason that I suggest this place is that you can share the bill. It has various meat dishes and the daily special soups will persuade you to come again and again. And you can also look around Kandawgyi and you can move up to another place for another refreshment. Let’s see which one is another place.

Bus Café’

Let’s drink coffee by sitting in the bus with peace and silent. You can feel the beauty of the nature and the lake and dig the old memory with your friends.

Innwa Book Café’

If your pals are bookworms, this is the heaven for you. Located at the second floor of Myanmar Plaza and the coffees from this shop are really tasty. I always have the simple hot coffee.

Junction City Food Court

The food court in the Junction City is a must for a group of friends. Especially, you should try the Indonesian food corner and the fresh juice corner. You can shop around after eating and also you can look around the new Scott Market located at the ground floor.

Pwint Myanmar traditional restaurant at Thanhlyin City

If you want to eat some special dishes as homemade taste, you should choose this place.

It locates on the Kannar road of the Thanhlyin city and you can get special meats. For example, the forest pork and venison. You can visit around by renting a car with your friends.


The location is on Thitsar road ,near Sar-tite bus stop and it is freshly opened. The reason that I suggested this place is that the price is reasonable and the oil they use is very clean. It is good for the teenager’s health. I will recommend the rice with crispy pork fried.

Am sure there is a lot of places to go now!

Stay tune for the next week because you will see more places to go in next week.

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