Perfect Menus To Have On Your New Year Party

happy new year snacks

New Year

Now we are just three days left to 2018 and it’s time to say goodbye to 2017 soon. So, what do you plan to celebrate your New Year’s Eve party with your friends and family? Here are some best snacks choices which will help you enjoy the most out of your New Year’s Eve!

Hot Pot

Hot Pot

Hot Pot is the best for having together with buddies! It is also easy to prepare now since you can get the ingredients at the supermarket nearby. Make some chicken soup, cut some vegetables and put some meatballs and seafood into the pot. Done!

Fried Rice, Noodle or Vermicelli

fried rice

Prepare some fries with some vegetables, meats, garlics and pepper and you are good to go! It is also a good idea to have some fries at New Year party with some friends.



BBQ is the ultimate favorite food for New Year. Pieces of fresh meats, fish, corn and vegetables are put together in each skewer and coated with sauce. And people enjoy grilling them over the fireplace is one of the fun things to do on New Year’s Eve.



Drinks can’t be missed at a New Year party for sure! If you don’t want to go for alcohol and beer, you can just mix some cocktails. The recipe depends on your buddies, you can mix and shake whatever flavors you like to add. You can just put different colors of Spy Wine, apples, pear, grape, sparkling, ice and soda altogether. And then you can have that special cocktail you just made and enjoy your New Year Countdown.

Shopping with friends

If you have a plan for cooking at home with your friends, go shopping together. Have some quality time among friends by arguing about getting your favorite ingredients. Go have some fun!

Wish all your dreams can come true and have a happy, healthy and wealthy New Year with your loved ones in coming 2018.

From Doemal, With Love.

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