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P for Pizza

P for PizzaLast Friday, we discovered a hidden treasure- an authentic Italian food outlet called “P for Pizza”. A cute name, easy to remember, right? The shop is located at the end of Yaw Min Gyi street, nearer to the Shwe Dagon Pagoda Road, just behind Bogyoke Market. Perfect location for all nearby office-staff, an easy access to some high quality Italian food.

P for PizzaUpon entering the café, we were greeted by welcoming staff and pleasing interiors. A combination of regular square tables, bar style tall tables and stools and long benches provide different seating options. Decoration caught our eye. Casual ambience with Funny quotes about pizza made us smile. My favourite- “Seven days without pizza makes one weak”. Wall décor with  wooden rods displaying English magazines & journals; wine boxes used as open shelves with interesting knick knacks.

P for PizzaAnd now, the food- our prime interest. As the name “P for Pizza” suggests, they mainly sell pizza. But not simple pizza, Authentic Italian  Gourmet Pizza. All the ingredients for the pizza – flour, tomato, cheese, meat and other toppings are imported from Italy. As on Friday the pizzas were cooked with  traditional Italian recipe guaranteeing  the authentic quality and taste. Also the recipe ensures that pizza is easily digestible with a healthy process.

P for PizzaThere is a wide selection of Pizza. A feast for vegetarians- 8 types- Margherita, Carciofi, Contadina, Fresca, Funghi, Ortolano, Parmigiana, Zucchini.  We  tried two veggie pizza; “Contadina and Carciofi”. Contadina was with stracchino, aspargus, eggs and olives, a perfect balance between sweet taste of eggs and cheese and sour taste of olive. Very impressive.Then we tried Carciofi with artichoke, rocket and olives. Though pizza base was same, the topping combination tasted amazing. We realised vegetarian can be good!P for Pizza

Next, we tried Green salad with avocado, cherry tomato, cucumber, cheese, seeds and nuts. Very different from Myanmar style salads, it is simple and light. A perfect harmony.

P for Pizza Although I loved veg pizza I tried  2 non-veg slices as well. With eleven topping options (Amazzone, Arrabbiata, Bacon, Balognese, Gamberetti, Pollo, Prosciutto,Romana, Saporita, Chicken and Emiliana) we decided to try “Bacon and Pollo”. My friend’s favourite Pollo- had chicken, mushroom, onion and olives. The combination and taste of ingredients tempt customers to try other pizzas.There are multiple toppings options making pizza very delicious.

P for PizzaThough the base is same, it is made in unique Italian style. It is crispy outside and soft, delicate inside. The fresh sweet Italian mozzarella cheese ensures high quality taste. The best thing I like is that the pizza is rectangle in shape. Many people  do not eat the edges because there is no topping and it is too crispy and plain. Here, the rectangle slices are fully covered with toppings. So you eat all the slice. No white edges. No wastage! Also you can choose different toppings.My experience at P For Pizza has changed my whole mindset about pizza. If you don’t fancy a pizza, then you also have option of salad, lasagne, panini, pasta.

For drinks, there are healthy cold pressed juices with chemical-free vegetables and fruits, no added sugar or water and no artificial preservatives. A perfect choice for the health conscious. We tried Ruby juice and Garnet. Ruby Juice made with fresh watermelon, pineapple and lime mint was very refreshing. Garnet juice with carrot, beet, apple, lime, ginger and pepper is healthy and quite tasty. This place also offers great coffee for coffee-lovers and a yummy range of dessert, cake & cookies. P for Pizza

Another important point is all the ingredients of vegetables and fruits are cleaned by ozonated water which is the basic rule, to give only clean, healthy delicious food to customers. If you are tired to go out to eat you can easily order some delicious food at home via connected delivery service.

If you would like to have a great start for your day, try their healthy breakfast. “P for Pizza” serves breakfast between 7:30 am to 11:30 am. They have fast speed WIFI too. While you are eating you can easily post your experiences and show it to the world on Doemal as well as you can rate or upload your food photos to the P For Pizza’s profile on Doemal.P for Pizza

Do not hesitate, check P For Pizza out and try their amazing pizzas, pastas, juices and  more. Everyone should feel the really amazing harmony of the tastes at least once and then do not be surprised if you will want to return again and again. Share your experiences on Doemal if you visit P For Pizza. Enjoy!

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P for Pizza P For Pizza

Address No 62(A) Yaw Min Gyi Street,Yangon .





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