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One Day Visit for Food in Yangon

Yangon is not only the ex-capital city of Myanmar but also Yangon was very famous in Asia. And also Yangon city has a lot of foods and has many ranges of price. And also there are a lot of restaurants for every kinds of people. There are a lot of foods that you can choose within any kinds of budget limitations when you eat out at Yangon.

As for me, I would like to eat with low expense and also to make my stomach full. So, I described some shops with cheap thrills which are worthy to eat.

As I said Yangon, I would like to start from Sule which is the downtown of Yangon. At the front of Emunwella Church, the road is full with small food vendors in Evening time. I would like you to suggest to eat rice with pork belly. It is very cheap and you will be full with only one bowl. Well, go for a walk around the colonial buildings around Sule for knowledge and I am sure that walking will help for digestion.

If you are willing to eat some sweet, you can go for walk to the 28th street lower block .The Vijay Sweets is waiting for you with big smiles. Just try some sweet Jelabys. It will make you out of this world.

After you ate your desserts, you can walk up to the upper block and you will see the Scott Market that you could go shopping. You can buy some cloth and you should also look around the new Scott Market which locates at the downstairs of the Junction City. You can look around some clothes with cheap prices. If you get hungry from walking around the new market, you should go back to old Scott Market and walk to the middle of the market to taste the Myanmar traditional food vendors to taste the mont-bee-taunt and bracelet snack (mont-lat-kout). And there is also a vendor near there where you can get fresh orange juice. It’s a little bit expensive. But a lot of foreigners love to drink that juice. If you don’t like to drink orange juice, there is a coffee vendor near the art galleries at first floor. This is the coffee shop that I used to take my tourist when I work as tour guide.

After visiting around Scott Market, the next place that you should go visit is the China Town. In every big cities of every country, there is a China Town. In every China Town there are a lot of different foods. In Yangon’s China Town, the best foods that you should eat are steamed meatballs, porridge and Chinese twisted bun. I eat there every time when I go there. Too cheap and too tasty.

I think this is more than enough now. Although it seems a bit tired to walk around but you won’t be feel tired by looking around. Well, if you have a holiday, you should take a bus to Sule and visit around.

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