Oktoberfest, Beer Paradise from Germany

Oktoberfest, mostly known as a beer festival, is the beer fans’ favorite. It is the world’s largest Volksfest which combines a beer festival and a travelling funfair. Oktoberfest is one of the most popular festivals in the world.

Since the festival has been held in 1880, there are millions of people visiting. It also gets the most tourist attractions. It is a folk festival running annually from September 16th to October 3rd in Munich, Germany. There are other countries which also hold this festival.

At Oktoberfest, everybody can drink large quantities of beer. There are millions of liters being served. The entrance fee is free and there is no age restriction.

Oktoberfest Festival

Young kids can enjoy the festival and they mostly come for the fun games.


This festival is definitely the favorite festival for beer lovers. But, it is also enjoyable for those who love to dance. The Oktoberfest is famous for fun activities such as clinking beer glasses and toasting cheers, laughing voices, and Schunkein sway dancing with people. You can have fun doing all those activities while drinking your beer among the tents.


The foods at Oktoberfest are also mouth-watering. You can get fried chicken, pork BBQ, bacon, grilled fish, cheese pasta, noodle, mashed potato, sausage and other traditional German foods. They are all kinds of foods that go with beer.

A traditional costume can express the culture and unity of one place. Almost attending the festival wears Bavarian traditional outfits. The typical Bavarian clothing for men consists of a button-up shirt, leather Lederhosen shorts, Haferlschuh shoes, socks with leg warmers and a Bavarian hat. For women, they wear a long traditional dirndl dress.


Oktoberfests during 1880s contain horse races and agricultural shows besides drinking beer. The current Oktoberfest events do not include those shows anymore. But you can enjoy various fun games such as tree climbing, eating contests and beer drinking contests. There are also modern amusement rides such as water slides and roller coasters.

The Oktoberfest beer festival can give you so much fun. Tourists and travellers around the world can explore the culture from Germany.

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Oktoberfest, Beer Paradise from Germany
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