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Nice Rakhine Restaurants from Yangon

If you are living in Yangon and don’t know where to go for Rakhine foods, I will suggest my beloved audience will need to read this content for sure. When I say Rakhine foods, people who have tasted real Rakhine foods and they know what it taste like. In this content, I described not only for dishes but also for the Rakhine traditional rice and curries.

  1. Min Lan

It is a very well-known restaurant .The price is a bit expensive.But you can get fresh seafood here. And they have a lot of branches. I only go there once a month because this is a luxury one.

  1. Pan- Hlay

It is one the Myittar road in South Oakkalapa township. The place is very clean. And the price is very reasonable. The whole steamed fish only cost like only five thousands kyats and it is big enough to make three person full. And you should try the shrimp thout-san curry. It will make u feel out of this world. And the desert mont-latt-saung is the best one and it is the only desert you can get in this restaurant .But don’t look down! This desert which you have to eat with black sesame seeds is very charming.

  1. Kyauk-phyu

This shop has a lot of good review and located on Thitsar road at South Oakkalapa township .It is very famous. I will suggest you to go there a bit early. If you go there at 3 pm , it is the best time that you can taste all the foods.  The best dishes to try are fish tempura salad and melon tempura salad .The taste will stay on your tongue forever .The best reason to go to this shop is the various deserts .Coconut milk sago and Khaw-pyin ( a kind of desert made with sticky rice ) are the best. But there is a weakness. The salads are oily but if you don’t like it, you can tell them to make less oily.

  1. Yar Maung Thar

This Rakhine traditional rice and curry restaurant at the lower block of 28th street won’t need to be mentioned so much because of its reputation .Buffet is not more than 5000 kyats and the curry you chose is given with a lot of amount. And also the fish paste and various raw vegetables will serve for your appetite. Also the free desert which is the tamarind jaggery will give you the taste of true desert. My personal recommendations for the curries are the sweet pork curry and the mushroom curry. Be careful! The spicy curries are really spicy.

Well if you are hungry and your appetite is asking for Rakhine foods, don’t forget to try these restaurants and don’t forget to share your own opinions.


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