National Dumpling Day

There are so many days to be remembered in the world and one of them is the National Dumpling Day at September 26th and this is the best day for dumpling lovers .Dumplings can be different in shapes and flavors according to the originated country .Dumpling is a very basic food that a kind of meat or vegetable paste has filled up in a small piece of dough or wrapped around it with a flat dough sheet and steamed it. The following content will explain the history and celebrations of the National Dumpling Day.

  • What is the National Dumpling Day?

National Dumpling Day is the day for celebrating in the honor of  consuming of dumplings in worldwide.

  • When it is started?

National Dumpling Day was submitted the in April 2005 by TMI foods distribution group based in New York. The registrar at National Calendar Day declared that National Dumpling will be held annually at September 26th.

  • What is the intention of celebrating National Dumpling Day?

The intention of celebrating National Dumpling Day is to promote the dumpling cultures of the countries with their own style of dumpling recipe.

  • Who found the entity of National Dumpling Day?

The founders of the TMI foods distribution group, Joseph and Terry Tang found the entity of National Dumpling Day.

  • How people celebrate the National Dumpling Day?

People around the world celebrate the National Dumpling Day by making respective dumpling due to the country and enjoy the dumplings together with family, friends and soul mate and take photos and post them on social medias .


So, we would like to remind our beloved audience not to forget to eat dumplings at September 26th .



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