Do You Know How Many Type of Curry Exists in Myanmar?

Curry ingredient

Do u know how many type of curry exists in Myanmar?

Very different understanding of curries is the basement of Myanmar cuisines. Fresh onion is the main ingredients of almost all Myanmar curries (which provides the gravy and main body of the curry), Indian spices and red chilies. Mostly, the main ingredients for popular curries are meat and fish.


Extensive use of fish products like fish sauce and Ngapi(fermented seafood) characterize Myanmar curry.Due to the geographic location of Myanmar, Chinese cuisine, Indian cuisine and Thai cuisine considerably influenced Myanmar cuisine.

Myanmar curries can be categorized into two types – the hot spicy dishes which come from north Indian or Pakistani influence, and the milder “sweet” curries. Almost overwhelmingly Myanmar curries are without coconut milk, which set them apart from most Southeast Asian curries. Fresh onion, garlic and chili paste are regular ingredients of Myanmar curry.

Garam Masala, dried chili powder, cumin powder, turmeric are common species of curry and ngapi, a fermented paste made from either fish or prawns. Myanmar curries are rather oily, because of helping the food to last longer. Also Nan Gyi Thohk which alike with spaghetti exists, in which wheat or rice noodles and thick chicken curry are eaten together.

In traditional Burmese medicine, foods are classified into two types: heating (apu za) or cooling (a-aye za), cause of their effects on people’s body system, similar to the Chinese classification of food.

Examples of heating and cooling foods include:

Heating foods:

Chicken_curry    chicken





ice cream

Cooling foods:

Vegetable  pork


dairy products



How much we eat the other food, there’s no satisfaction of hungriness like Myanmar food. All Burmese people cook and eat delicious lunch and dinner everyday. Myanmar curry likely attract with rich ingredients of spices and flavours. If you would like to taste the Myanmar spices curry, these following restaurants can bring you real taste of the Myanmar curry.

Baby Nu

Baby Nu Myanmar Rice and Curry

No (810) Above Pin Lone Road, 36 ward, North Dagon


Aung Thu Kha Traditional Myanmar food house

West Shwe Gone Daing Road,Bahan


Khine Khine Kyaw Myanmar Rice and Curry

Gandamar Wholesale,Yangon

Mingalar BarMingalar Par Myanmar Traditional Rice and Curry and Snack

71 street,between 28 and 29 street,Mandalay


Wine Myanmar Rice and Curry

72 street, Between 32 and 33 street, corner of the Khwer Nyo Street, Mandalay

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